Data Analytics + Insights

The Data Analytics team creates a holistic view of your business while providing actionable insights on where to play and how to grow. Suppliers who sell through wholesalers need to receive trace sales data—i.e., POS data—from their wholesale partners to effectively grow their business. However, most suppliers underutilize their trace sales or don’t receive the data at all. Our analytics and insights capabilities help suppliers make the most of their sales data.

Aggregate Data from Multiple Sources

Most distributors purchase suppliers’ products from multiple sources. This multi-source relationship makes it nearly impossible for suppliers to have a comprehensive view of their distributor base. Highlands aggregates direct sales with wholesaler trace sales to create a single pane of glass to view a supplier’s business.

Enrichment Increases Data Value

Aggregated sales data often lacks essential information. Enriching it with 3rd party data maximizes its value. We augment raw sales data with attributes such as distributor associations, SKU categorization, sales/broker alignment, and several others.

Self-serve Dashboard Access

Sales data rapidly loses value when there are barriers to accessing it. Gain access to self-serve Tableau dashboards that anyone can use to find their own insights.

Analytics Expertise + Industry Knowledge

Data analysis is not everyone’s strength. Leverage our resources to complete assortment gap analysis, sales alignment reviews, track promotion effectiveness, identify white space opportunities, and complete joint business reviews with key distributors.

10 Ways to Use Wholesale Trace Data

10 Ways to Use Wholesale Trace Data

Wholesale Trace Data can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business. Hear from Dylan Huggins, Director, Strategy + Analytics, on the top 10 ways Highlands can help you leverage that data to positively impact your brand.

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