10 Ways to Use Wholesale Trace Data

Informed Account Alignment: ​

Map broker and sales team alignment to ensure you are covering the right customers. Enrich sales data with CRM activity to see if your efforts are paying off.​

Uncover Revenue Opportunities: ​

Match trace data against Highlands’s aggregated data set to find distributors who aren’t purchasing from you but should be.​

Identify Underpenetrated Accounts: ​

Compare distributors against their peers to find those who aren’t selling their fair share. These distributors should then turn into targets for your sales team.​

Find Assortment Gaps: ​

Leverage SKU-level data to find assortment gaps for specific distributors. Filter assortment based on wholesale availability making the output more beneficial to distributors.​

Develop High-Quality Sales Campaigns: ​

Data-driven approach to find where success is happening and understand why it’s happening. Use findings to create an informed sales campaign with a lead list.​

Identify Revenue Risk: ​

Proactively identify distributors whose revenues are declining and deploy sales resources to mitigate churn risk.​

Conduct Distributor Joint Business Planning: ​

Conduct periodic deep dives into specific distributors to understand how they are performing and create a data-led plan on how to grow their business. ​

Comprehensive Business Reviews:​

Proactively provide your leadership team with a semi-annual review of how the business is performing with accompanying insights.

Optimize Market Development Funds (MDF): ​

Use data-driven insights to identify which distributors and programs will produce the highest ROI for the MDF deployed in the channel.

Enhance Trade Marketing Planning:​

Use customer-level, SKU-specific analysis to build an informed trade marketing calendar.​

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