Highlands Clients Make NAOPA 2023 Shortlist

Highlands is thrilled to announce that several of its clients have been recognized and included in the shortlist for the prestigious 2023 North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA). The shortlist, featuring innovative and standout products from various categories, was announced Wednesday, July 25, 2023. Highlands is pleased to represent seven companies on the list, DURABLE, Eco-Products, Ghent, Nook Pods, OneScreen, OttLite, and Reckitt.

The awards will be presented during Industry Week ’23, powered by ISG, October 8-11, 2023, in New Orleans, LA. As nominees, these products are included in the voting for the People’s Choice Awards. The public can cast their vote for their three favorite products.

“We are immensely proud to have eight products across four categories for seven of our clients on this year’s NAOPA shortlist,” said June Schmidt, VP, Client Relations, Highlands. “These nominations are a testament to the dedication and creativity of our valued partners. We applaud their commitment to delivering cutting-edge products that enhance productivity and workplace well-being.”

The shortlisted nominations for Highlands’ clients are:

Best Product – Facilities, Breakroom, Safety & Infection

Eco-ProductsVegware – Renewable and Compostable Food Service Disposables






Vegware is a visionary brand, a global specialist in plant-based and compostable packaging for food. Vegware’s catering disposables are made from renewable, lower carbon, recycled, or reclaimed materials, and can all be commercially composted with food waste where accepted.

OttLite TechnologiesWellness Series SanitizingPro LED Desk Lamp and UV Air Purifier








The OttLite SanitizingPro LED Desk Lamp and UV Air Purifier is a patent-pending design that uses three different sanitizing techniques to create a healthier space: (1) patented SpectraClean LED technology to reduce bacteria, (2) UVC LEDs to reduce bacteria and viruses, and (3) a HEPA filter to capture and trap airborne particles. The lamp head features OttLite ClearSun LEDs that are specially developed to reduce glare and eyestrain by up to 51%. It’s the ultimate health and wellness lamp.

ReckittLysol Pro Solutions Disinfecting Wipes 800 ct. Bucket and Refill Packs

(Highlands is the exclusive sales partner of Lysol® Pro Solutions)







Introducing 800 ct Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes bucket and refill bag, a size that facility managers and cleaning teams will love from a brand people trust.* With 10x more wipes per unit compared to Lysol® Disinfecting Wipes 80 ct canister, the 800 ct bucket and refill packs help facilitate trusted protection* while driving operational efficiencies. Each bucket, made from 50% PCR, can be refilled and reused 25 times. The responsible packaging helps reduce virgin plastic use and eases the impact on landfills.

Best Product – Furniture & Design:






The COWORKSATION® from DURABLE is designed for video conferencing and presentations in the modern workspace. With video calls and agile working the new normal, TV trolleys are a key piece of equipment to help you adapt your workspace and meet the demands of the modern office.

Ghent – Control Shelving Unit






Is your space chaotic, or controlled? Calm the chaos with Control Shelving Units. Control Shelving combines the functionality of a wall, shelving for organization, and noise-reducing acoustic PET panels to create a controlled and productive workspace whether in your home or office. Multiple units are configurable in linear and non-linear arrangements, allowing your space to work for you. Features a selection of laminate, acoustic PET, and veneer stains to match the aesthetics of your space.

Nook Pod USA – Nook Air








Nook Air is a versatile mobile pod designed to enhance productivity, focus, collaboration, and well-being in various work and social environments. With its innovative features and neuro-inclusive design, Nook Air offers a unique solution for creating private and productive spaces without isolation. Its acoustic panel insulated walls and pitched roof ensure a remarkably quiet atmosphere for concentration and communication.

Best Product – Technology

GhentAria Connect






Glassboards and Whiteboards are an excellent tool for collaboration, however hybrid meetings can make for a challenging experience. With Aria Connect, collaboration no longer requires everyone to be in the same room. Our whiteboard image capture camera paired with Aria Glassboard provides a real time view of information being shared whether you are in the room or remote. Experience equality for all!

Best Product – Technology & Innovation of the Year:

OneScreenTouchscreen TL7






Nominated for both Innovation of the Year and Best Product – Technology, the Touchscreen TL7 is the fastest, most adaptive, most intuitive EdTech tool available today for K-12 classrooms. Teachers can electrify the classroom with streaming multimedia, interactive games, and educational software targeted to curriculum goals.

The TL7 gives educators remote learning options, promotes SEL skills, and sparks the joy of learning in a collaborative, adaptive learning space to make teaching more effective and learning more fun.

For more information about the NAOPA Shortlist and the voting process for the People’s Choice Awards, please visit www.judgify.me/public-voting/NAOPA2023.

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