Highlands Unveils Exciting Brand Refresh

Highlands is proud to announce a bold brand refresh, marking a significant milestone in its storied history. For over 60 years, the agency has consistently adapted to the evolving landscape of commerce, and this brand revamp is a testament to its commitment to authentically reflecting who they are and how they help their clients navigate ever-changing industry dynamics.

New Tagline: When Commerce is Everywhere, We Can Take You Anywhere

The heart of the refresh lies in the introduction of the new tagline. This tagline echoes Highlands’ unwavering commitment to helping brands navigate growth across industries, categories, and countries.

“As we celebrate this brand refresh, we reflect on our agency’s remarkable journey since its founding in 1962,” said Bob O’Gara, Partner + CEO, Highlands. “Today, we stand at the intersection of tradition and innovation, proudly embracing our rich heritage while boldly stepping into the future and leading the way in helping brands navigate the ever-expanding world of commerce.”

Visual Transformation

The brand refresh was crafted by Highlands’ in-house creative team and features a modern, vibrant aesthetic with brighter colors and dynamic animations. This fresh look is designed to represent the innovation and creativity Highlands brings to their clients.

“This refresh represents more than just a visual and verbal transformation; it embodies our team’s spirit of innovation and adaptability,” said Liz Bateman Grove, Creative Director, Highlands. “I’m incredibly proud of my team for bringing this new look and feel to life.”

Special Thank You

A special acknowledgment for the design and development of the rebrand goes to Maggie Burghardt, Art Director, Highlands, Zoe Conroy, Creative Consultant, Highlands, Meghan O’Gara, Content Marketing Specialist, Highlands, Hitesh Chandwani, Web Developer, Highlands, Deby Bickford, Project Management Director, Highlands, Jacquelyn Davis, Account/Project Manager, Highlands, and the entire Highlands team for their insights, and invaluable feedback that have played a pivotal role in shaping our brand’s exciting new chapter.

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