Highlands Poised to Drive Sales as TikTok Shop Launches in US

TikTok Shop quietly launched in North America in late 2022. This feature allows US brands to apply to sell their products directly on the social platform. Users can then make the purchase through the TikTok app without being sent to a third-party website.

Previously this feature was only available in the UK and seven Asian countries and regions. This exciting update puts Highlands in an optimal position to help their clients take full advantage of what TikTok Shop offers.

Highlands is a leading expert in live shopping and TikTok Shop. Last year, TikTok awarded Highlands with the Championship Award for being a top UK TikTok Shop Partner, along with the Rising Star Award for high-ranking in engagement and product discovery.

“As a partner with TikTok in the UK, the experts at Highlands have valuable insight into how brands can optimize TikTok shop to their advantage, building brand awareness and pushing consumers to make a purchase,” said Stu Conroy, Head of Innovation. “We are looking forward to seeing the success that TikTok Shop can have in North America and are grateful for our invaluable partnership with the platform.”

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