Highlands’ Client Achieves Carbon Neutral Rating

Highlands is pleased to work with DURABLE, a certified carbon-neutral company. DURABLE teamed up with ClimatePartner to determine the company’s corporate carbon footprint (CCF) and officially received the carbon-neutral rating on February 1, 2023.

In this first step, DURABLE has determined their CO2 footprint (one of the few businesses in the industry to do so) and are now actively working on reducing carbon emissions across the business. In the next few weeks, DURABLE will translate these into concrete goals which will then be announced. Additionally, they will make targeted investments in climate protection projects including solar and wind energy. This, combined with the initial CCF review has enabled ClimatePartner to certify DURABLE as a carbon-neutral company.

The effort is just the beginning of a fully comprehensive sustainability strategy according to Rolf Schifferens, Managing Director, DURABLE. The German-based company’s goal is to continuously reduce their current carbon footprint.

“A huge congratulations to DURABLE for accomplishing the climate-neutral certification and taking steps to further improve their sustainability as a business,” said Gordon Christiansen, Partner of Highlands. “We enjoy working alongside entrepreneurial brands like DURABLE who design and manufacture innovative solutions while implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy.”

According to DURABLE’s website:

Corporate carbon neutrality includes both direct emissions, which are produced by the company itself (e.g., generation of electricity and heat, vehicle fleet and fugitive gases), and indirect emissions, which arise as a result of purchased energy, business travel and employees commuting to work.

Learn more about DURABLE’s sustainability efforts here: https://www.durable.eu/en_DE/the-company/sustainability/climate-neutrality/

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