Highlands Announces Sales Partnership With Lysol® Pro

Highlands is representing Lysol® Pro Solutions by Reckitt. In July, Reckitt, the makers of Lysol, officially introduced Lysol® Pro Solutions – Lysol’s science-led, business-to-business offering that helps companies of all types and sizes protect customers and staff from the spread of illness-causing germs.

“Highlands is honored to be the exclusive sales partner for Reckitt in the US,” said Bob O’Gara, CEO of Highlands. “We’ve collaborated successfully with Reckitt for many years. Now, with our broader engagement, we’re able to work alongside the Reckitt team to take this fantastic program into the market.”

The Reckitt – Highlands partnership includes taking the Lysol® Pro Solutions program to key distributors for presentation to their customers, as well as approaching large enterprise customers directly. “Utilizing our distribution and end-user sales teams was vital for Reckitt. The good news for our distribution partners is that if we win a large end-user contract, they win too, as we need their supply chain and customer management expertise,” continued O’Gara.

For more information, visit https://thinkhighlands.com/lysolpro-hosp/

Original Press Release from Reckitt:

Reckitt Introduces Science-Led Lysol® Pro Solutions to Help Businesses Protect People Outside the Home

PARSIPPANY, N.J., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Reckitt, the makers of Lysol, officially introduces Lysol Pro Solutions – Lysol’s science-led, business-to-business offering that helps companies of all types and sizes protect customers and staff from the spread of illness-causing germs.

Lysol Pro Solutions is being introduced at a time when 78% of consumers are still concerned about germs.¹ Following the pandemic, consumers have a heightened awareness of how germs spread and a strong expectation that businesses will do their part to help prevent and combat the transmission of viruses such as flu, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and rhinovirus. Around 85% of business leaders believe that having the right products and processes for cleaning and disinfection is one of their most important job responsibilities. However, 70% do not have any specific expertise in this area.²

Lysol Pro Solutions addresses these needs by empowering businesses across all industries to take the appropriate measures to protect their staff and customers. It draws on Reckitt’s deep science expertise and world-renowned research on illness-causing pathogens. Lysol Pro Solutions has already delivered successful programs for industry leaders such as Hilton Hotels, Delta Air Lines, Avis Budget Group, and many Major League Baseball teams, where custom protocols have been implemented to help combat the spread of germs. Notably, 62% of people indicated that they are more confident to engage with a brand if a Lysol partnership is in place.³

The Lysol Pro Solutions program includes:

  • Science-backed targeted hygiene solutions and training materials developed around the high-traffic and high-touch areas of businesses. To combat the transmission of germs in hotspot areas, Lysol’s team of virologists, microbiologists, and medical scientists have developed these solutions through intense testing. Cleaning and disinfecting protocols are combined with other appropriate measures, such as encouraging staff and customers to wash or sanitize their hands at critical times.
  • Utilization of Lysol’s trusted range of disinfectant products which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. At a time when a majority of Americans remain concerned about germs while away from home and 88% expect businesses to implement protective measures,4 it is paramount that businesses use effective and trusted products such as Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and Lysol Disinfectant Spray. These products have been proven effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.5
  • Lysol signage and iconic intellectual property, enabling businesses to leverage the #1 U.S. disinfectant brand.6 The presence of Lysol-branded signage within businesses and their marketing enables owners to demonstrate their commitment to science-backed cleaning and disinfection protocols and help increase their customers’ confidence.
  • Global delivery logistics for fast and reliable deployment across the country, ensuring businesses have proper quantities of Lysol products to meet the standards set forth by the enhanced protocols and customers’ expectations.

“Americans’ expectations of cleanliness have changed forever,” says Rahul Kadyan, EVP of Reckitt Global Business Solutions. “For 130 years, Lysol has helped to protect people, and with Lysol Pro Solutions, we have furthered our long-standing commitment out of the home. We are enabling businesses to put in place enhanced disinfection standards that help them meet heightened consumer expectations.”

When developing targeted cleaning and disinfection measures, Lysol Pro Solutions takes into account how customers move and interact within a space, with a focus on germ-harboring areas within those spaces. It then produces enhanced protocols and delivers training on when, how, and what products should be used to clean and disinfect.

“Our investment in research is part of our relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world,” continues Kadyan. “This cutting-edge scientific expertise is invaluable in creating cleaning and disinfection solutions that consider the individual needs of a business. This is why companies such as Hilton Hotels, Major League Baseball, Delta Air Lines, and Avis Budget Group have already chosen to partner with Lysol Pro Solutions. Through our program, we are helping businesses keep their spaces strong against the current global health crisis and potential threats of tomorrow.”

For more information, contact [email protected]

For more information about Lysol Pro Solutions, any of its partners, to arrange an interview, or to obtain Lysol Pro Solutions assets, please contact:
Lysol Pro Solutions press team
E: [email protected]
T: 917-412-6009


1Reckitt Toluna Tracker, Wave 16 (6/7/2021-6/13/2021)

2B2B SME U&A Study, December 2020

3Hauser and Associates, June 2021. A study prepared for Global Business Solutions at Reckitt covering 15 sectors. The data point is the aggregated perception of consumers based on the 15 sectors surveyed.

4Reckitt survey, US March 2021 via AskSuzy, n=500

5When used as directed

6Based on units sold latest 52 weeks, period ending 4/24/2021

About Reckitt

Reckitt* is driven by its purpose to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We fight to make access to the highest-quality hygiene, wellness and nourishment a right, not a privilege, for everyone. Reckitt is proud to have a stable of trusted household brands found in households in more than 190 countries. These include Enfamil, Nutramigen, Nurofen, Strepsils, Gaviscon, Mucinex, Durex, Scholl, Clearasil, Lysol, Dettol, Veet, Harpic, Cillit Bang, Mortein, Finish, Vanish, Calgon, Woolite, Air Wick and more. 20 million Reckitt products a day are bought by consumers globally.

Reckitt’s passion to put consumers and people first, to seek out new opportunities, to strive for excellence in all that we do, and to build shared success with all our partners, while doing the right thing, always is what guides the work of our 40,000+ diverse and talented colleagues worldwide. For more information visit http://www.reckitt.com/us.

*Reckitt is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group of companies

About Lysol® Pro Solutions

Reckitt’s Lysol Pro Solutions harnesses the power of Lysol to help protect businesses and public spaces from the spread of germs. In today’s world, consumers have increased hygiene expectations which makes germ-protection more critical than ever. The comprehensive approach from Lysol Pro Solutions incorporates science-backed protocols and training, EPA-approved Lysol products and Lysol branded marketing materials and signage. Lysol Pro Solutions empowers businesses to demonstrate to their staff and customers a commitment to providing a trusted standard for protection.

SOURCE Reckitt


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Highlands is an international sales, marketing, and e-commerce agency dedicated to helping manufacturers grow sales in B2B and digital channels.

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