What are the Main Drivers of Brand Trust Right Now?

Originally posted in Highlands Newsletter on 7/13/2021

What’s driving brand trust these days? For one, consumers want to feel in control of personal information and what can and cannot be shared. A big topic this year, as seen with Apple rolling out major privacy protection measures, is giving users easier control over how their info is saved and used.

Secondly, set candid product expectations. Giving customers accurate information about your products is important to brand trust. Not every product on the market can be the least expensive, highest quality, and best value – however, the content you create around the product needs to be genuine and clear.

Lastly, give your customer the best user experience (UX) possible. Make sure your website is up to date, easy to navigate and all your links are working as expected. Review how the experience is on mobile and make sure it’s optimized for every interaction.

If you’d like our team of experts to test your brand’s trustworthiness, contact us to get started.

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