Cdiscount: Alternative French Marketplace for Merchants

More than 8 out of 10 European internet users purchased or ordered goods or services over the internet in 2020. This has created an opportunity for a growing number of retailers with products available on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to reach more customers. However, with over a million new sellers registering on Amazon last year alone each marketplace is becoming more congested and competitive.

Because of this, smaller marketplaces like Cdiscount, Allegro, and OnBuy that attract millions of monthly visits are becoming a viable alternative for international sellers seeking to stand out and compete with fewer brands. Local marketplaces also tend to have smaller product inventories with popular items easily available but long-tail, specific items often missing or available in limited quantity. As a result of this, it can be significantly easier for international sellers to position their products on the first page of results. As well as less competition, local marketplaces will often enable their merchants to facilitate cross-border selling and purchasing.

With sales worth €2 billion in 2020, less competition than Amazon France, and full support for international sellers, Cdiscount is one of the viable alternative channels for retailers seeking to expand their presence to meet increased online product demand in global markets.

Why Should Online Sellers Consider Cdiscount?

France has an established e-commerce market worth around €57 billion, and with more than 7.7 million active users, Cdiscount provides an ideal platform for reaching those customers and expanding into other European countries. Competitive payment terms are one of the major offerings, with low commission rates and the use of FIA-net and 3D Secure technologies to safeguard and guarantee all customer payments. The platform also caters to customers that prefer to pay in instalments, with a four-part payment process available that has no impact on the seller.

Another key aspect of the Cdiscount offering is the option to use their fulfillment services, which enables sellers to relinquish control and allow Cdiscount to handle storage, packing and shipping. Any additional customer queries that arise relating to delivery, returns or exchanges will also be handled by Cdiscount. The assistance with logistics is particularly advantageous for sellers that do not have much experience with fulfillment in international markets. Online sellers seeking assistance with specific aspects of the selling process like improving reach or getting more customer reviews will have the option to participate in the Pole Position Program (PPP). With PPP, sellers can agree on an objective with Cdiscount and receive a package tailored to their business.

Getting Started with Selling On Cdiscount

Cdiscount is positioned on the market as an online discount retailer, and the shoppers on the marketplace will often look for deals and special offers. Businesses selling on the platform will be subject to a €39,99 monthly subscription fee alongside commission rates varying from 4.5% to 20% depending on each product’s category. Commission rates are calculated based on the total amount of the transaction plus postage and shipping.

To get started with selling on Cdiscount, merchants will need to verify that they are a professional seller by providing a valid Value Added Tax (VAT) identification number. All the required registration forms are available to access on their official website. The specific acceptance criteria for Cdiscount are confidential, with the company stating that they reserve the right to accept or reject seller applications. Merchants should also be aware that the marketplace does require sellers to provide French-language customer support by email, however, this does not have to be internal and third-party services are accepted as a viable provider. Another aspect to consider is the returns process as this will require an address registered in France or prepaid shipping labels to cover the costs of international returns.

Although the process is relatively straightforward and quick, those that are looking to utilize Cdiscount Fulfillment should allocate sufficient time to plan and organize the shipping of their products to Cdiscount warehouses. The brands that opt to outsource fulfillment to Cdiscount will also gain exclusive access to the Boost feature for increasing product visibility on the marketplace.

Shipping Options for Cdiscount Sellers

Cdiscount can provide its own logistics service to sellers for both sales on the marketplace and outside channels. This includes warehousing and fulfillment services, enabling businesses to store products and automatically ship the items when an order is received. The charges for this service include receiving, picking and packing, storage, and shipping but will remain the same regardless of whether orders are received from Cdiscount or external channels. Similarly to Amazon FBA, Cdiscount will promote products that offer Shipped by Cdiscount to shoppers through an integrated badge on the listings.

When using Cdiscount’s fulfillment offering, buyers will be able to provide home deliveries, immediate pick-ups from physical stores, collection point pick-ups, and direct delivery to Groupe Casino stores. Each option allows the seller to set custom postage prices with the ability to adjust the price when several products are purchased at once. For multi-product discounts, the total cost will include the cost for the item with the highest shipping rate plus the per-item charge from the seller.

The most popular fulfillment type for many sellers will be home delivery, which includes options for standard, tracked, and signed on delivery. The type of delivery available will depend on the item value. Customers that opt to purchase a product with a price value of €40 or less can choose any delivery method, whereas purchases between €40 and €10,000 will require tracked or signature on delivery fulfillment. Any items with a value above €10,000 can only offer signature on delivery options for customers. Sellers also have additional options for customizing fulfillment to not offer standard delivery if they can provide alternative options.

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