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Key Takeaways from the Latest CRC Consumer Behavior Study

Recently, the Cleveland Research Company (CRC) released a study on consumer behavior, providing valuable insights into the current consumer mindset and how marketing strategies can be tailored to achieve maximum success. Some insights are as follows:

Work/Life Balance

Consumers are slightly less enthusiastic about work than in previous quarters, with work-life balance remaining a top priority. As remote work has steadily become the norm in today’s climate, achieving a healthy mix of personal and professional time is at the forefront of the consumer mindset currently.

Increase in Social Media Usage

Social media continues to be a popular medium for consumers, with 52% of respondents reporting increased usage compared to last year. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram were the most popular platforms, with Facebook and TikTok being the most used, at 11x per week on average.

Price Increases = Cutbacks

Higher prices have been a noticeable trend among consumers, with 93% of respondents reporting that they have noticed the increase. As a result, 92% have changed their behavior, with cutting back on eating out and non-essential spending being the most significant changes.

Web Presence is Key

Online research influences 36% of consumers’ purchases on average. This highlights the importance of having a strong online presence, as well as utilizing effective digital marketing strategies to influence consumer behavior.

As always, we recommend using this information alongside Highlands’ expertise to tailor your marketing strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Gordon Christiansen to be Featured at OPI European Forum

Gordon Christiansen, Partner of Highlands, is speaking at the upcoming OPI European Forum taking place May 22-24 in Amsterdam. His topic, How Everywhere Commerce Can Drive Sales and Loyalty, will dive into the power of gaining visibility and driving long-term consumer engagement in what is a seemingly ever-evolving digital world. From avoiding the over-reliance on Amazon to creating plans that carry consumers through the modern sales funnel, Gordon will offer expert insight into how your brand can strategize and succeed. Interested in attending the event? Register now.

Way Day Announcement

According to sources, Way Day is expected to occur April 26-28. It is believed that the event will last for three days (instead of two) for the first time. For assistance finalizing your preparations for the event, reach out to us.

Recap: OPI Partnership

Highlands recently attended the OPI Partnership on March 12-14th in Amsterdam. The “top-to-top” style event provided senior management teams with the opportunity to maximize their time with their biggest partners through strategic networking, the reseller and vendor expo, and the 2023 European Office Products Awards. Jade Wilson, Managing Director, Europe, attended the event alongside Reckitt.

“It was great to be back-in-the-room at OPI Partnership with key distributors, wholesalers, and resellers from across Europe,” said Jade, Managing Director, Europe. “The event gave everyone the chance to strengthen existing relationships and identify new opportunities for the future”.

Recap: The Cleaning Show

In March, four Highlands representatives attended The Cleaning Show in London; the UK’s largest cleaning and hygiene show.

“We attended some great meetings with existing clients and customers,” said Janice Jenner, Head of B2B Sales, Europe. “We focused on strengthening relationships and uncovering new business opportunities for the brands we work with.”

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