Highlands Celebrates with 2023 NAOPA Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2023 North American Office Products Awards (NAOPA) winners. And a special congratulations to the two Highlands’ clients, Nook and OneScreen, who took home an award. These North American business products awards honor companies, products and individuals who display innovation, excellence, and outstanding achievement within the industry.  



Nook and OneScreen, featured innovative and standout products in the Furniture + Design and Technology categories: 

Best Product – Furniture + Design: Nook Pod USA: Nook Air 

Nook Air is a versatile mobile pod designed to enhance productivity, focus, collaboration, and well-being in various work and social environments. With its innovative features and neuro-inclusive design, Nook Air offers a unique solution for creating private and productive spaces without isolation. Its acoustic panel insulated walls and pitched roof ensure a remarkably quiet atmosphere for concentration and communication. 


Best Product – Technology: OneScreen: Touchscreen TL7 


The Touchscreen TL7 is the fastest, most adaptive, most intuitive EdTech tool available today for K-12 classrooms. Teachers can electrify the classroom with streaming multimedia, interactive games and educational software targeted to curriculum goals.  The TL7 gives educators remote learning options, promotes SEL skills, and sparks the joy of learning in a collaborative, adaptive learning space to make teaching more effective and learning more fun. 

“These are well-deserved wins for Nook and OneScreen,” said Seth Raley, Partner of Highlands. “In fact, seven of our clients were nominated for awards this year, highlighting their excellent work. We are truly honored to have our outstanding partners recognized at Industry Week.” 

The shortlisted nominations of Highlands’ clients: 

  • Vegware Renewable and Compostable Food Service Disposables by Eco-Products: Best Product – Facilities, Breakroom, Safety + Infection  
  • Wellness Series SanitizingPro LED Desk Lamp and UV Air Purifier by OttLite Technologies: Best Product – Facilities, Breakroom, Safety + Infection 
  • Lysol Pro Solutions Disinfecting Wipes 800 ct. Bucket and Refill Packs by Reckitt: Best Product – Facilities, Breakroom, Safety + Infection 
  • COWORKSATION Mobile TV cart by Durable: Best Product – Furniture + Design 
  • Control Shelving Unit by Ghent: Best Product – Furniture + Design 
  • Nook Air by Nook Pod USA: Best Product – Furniture + Design 
  • Aria Connect by Ghent: Best Product – Technology 
  • Touchscreen TL7 by OneScreen: Best Product – Technology + Innovation of the Year 

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