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Amazon Images with Text Overlay: What You Need to Know  

As 2022 nears its final months, now is a great time to consider how you can boost conversions on Amazon. A great tactic can be to add text overlays to your product images, helping customers to understand your product better and emphasizing some of the most important features without having to read the copy below. Here’s an example of a brand doing text overlay imagery well on Amazon and some best practices to keep in mind as you strategize for 2023 and beyond:








Keep it Clean and Clear  

While adding text overlays to your product images is a great way to describe the product and make it a multidimensional experience for online shoppers, it’s important to maintain a clean and clear visual. Accurately convey your point while using the least amount of words, so it doesn’t take away from the image itself.

Don’t Go Overboard  

Text overlays are a great way to enhance the online shopping experience for your customers, but just like with other visual content, you need a variety of imagery. Provide your audience with a healthy mix of text overlays, lifestyle imagery, product shots, and close-up shots so they can get a proper understanding of your product without feeling overwhelmed with busy visuals and too much information.

Keep It On Brand  

Text overlays on your product images are an extension of your brand and should reflect the same brand guidelines as the rest of your content on Amazon. By keeping your content consistent, you’ll help your brand to appear more elevated, professional, and trustworthy to consumers.

Be Thoughtful  

Call out the most important and exciting features in your text overlay. Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and ask yourself what selling points of the product would encourage you to make a purchase. By highlighting the most valuable information, you’ll frame your product in the best possible light and help boost your conversions on Amazon.

For expert help on adding text overlays to your Amazon strategy, reach out to us.

The Landscape of Live Shopping  

The nature of shopping changed permanently as a result of the pandemic. Since 2020, live shopping has taken over the e-commerce world, bridging the gap between the personalized experience of in-store shopping and the convenience of online shopping. Worldwide, live shopping has become the new normal for some companies, and other organizations are starting to recognize the value in offering the experience to their own customers. Below we provide an overview of live shopping around the world:

Around the World  

Before the pandemic to now, research has shown that live shopping has increased worldwide by an average of 76%, with Europe seeing the highest growth with those shopping via live stream growing 88%, followed by the Middle East with 76% and North America with 68%. These statistics indicate that live shopping is not just taking over, but it’s here to stay.

Where Brands Have Found Success 

Worldwide, brands have found live shopping success throughout the entire year, but particularly on shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Singles Day in China. China’s Alibaba reported a staggering $845 billion in sales on Single’s Day alone, surpassing Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with roughly half of those brands utilizing live shopping to sell and promote their products.

In the US, major retailers have started to add live shopping to their overall selling strategy, with companies like Macy’s introducing “Macy’s Live,” where consumers can interact with hosts and celebrity guests, ask questions about products, and see product demonstrations in real-time.

The Social Effect 

Social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. have also recognized the value of live shopping, offering brands big and small the opportunity to connect with their audience in real-time and shop their products directly from the app. While TikTok only offers this currently in the UK, there are plans to expand into other countries in the future. In a time when consumers are seeking instant solutions and a seamless shopping experience, integrating that experience into the social platforms, they already use daily is a sure way to boost your brand awareness and convert more sales.

To learn more about live shopping in the US and UK, reach out to us.

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Selling Online: Be Wary. Be Careful.  

In this short video, Gordon Christiansen discusses 4 topics that he’d recommend all brands, either selling online or thinking about selling online, to consider. The US e-commerce market is growing nicely however, as a percentage of the overall pie, it lags a little behind other countries like China and the UK. It means there is possibly so much to learn from these other countries to help refine your strategy.

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