Walmart Business, Way Day Prep, HYGIEIA Follow-Up

Walmart Launches Walmart Business

Recently Walmart announced the launch of their latest endeavor, Walmart Business, an E-commerce site that is dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized businesses as well non-profits. This move comes on the heels of rising pressure from inflation and supply chain issues and is designed to help businesses find the right items easily and save money and time on purchases.

Currently Walmart Business offers more than 100,000 items, all easily categorized for seamless navigation. From office supplies and furniture to food/beverage, electronics, classroom and facility needs, Walmart has simplified the restocking experience by grouping items together in a way that makes sense when shopping for a business.

Organizations can add up to five users per account, with payment information, order history, and purchasing power easily shared across teams. Furthermore, qualified businesses can also enroll in the Walmart Tax-Exemption Program (WTEP) which will automatically remove eligible taxes during the checkout process.

While still in its early stages, this is an exciting development for SMBs and non-profits working with Walmart, particularly as selling charges at Amazon have risen steadily to 30% over the last two years. David Glick, the former VP of Amazon’s transportation and fulfillment technologies also recently left the company to join Walmart as the Senior Vice President of Operational Excellence, potentially signaling another shift towards Walmart now becoming a reliable and clear alternative for brands.

To learn more about Walmart Business and how this could work with your business, reach out to us.

Way Day Preparations

While the date has yet to be announced, it’s likely that Way Day will take place in April or May of this year. As a reminder, Highlands is here to help you with all your preparations so your business can get the most out of the shopping event. Here are some reliable strategies to keep in mind:

Best-in-Class Product Content

While it’s always important that your product content follows best practices, it’s paramount during shopping events like Way Day. From stellar product copy to including a variety of product images, consumers need a clear, descriptive, and enticing understanding of your product before they will make a purchase.


Take a look at the reviews you’ve received in the past, taking into consideration what works well and what could use improvement. Remember, even responding to a bad review is an opportunity to show other customers that you can remedy the problem in a proactive way. Customer satisfaction plays a major role when one considers making a purchase and looking at what other consumers have experienced can oftentimes be an influencing factor.

Social Media

Tap into your existing audience on social media by posting content surrounding Way Day on your pages. From highlighting the exciting discounts being offered to showcasing some of your best-selling products, staying on your customer’s radar prior to and throughout the shopping event will help you to stand out from the competition.

Ready to finalize your Way Day strategy? Let’s chat.


Highlands attended ISSA Hygieia Network’s Networking and Leadership Conference. “Loved connecting with so many professional women,” said Keri Walling, Business Development Manager, Highlands. “The speakers were insightful on how to prepare for challenges and succeed…” Continue reading

Highlands Helps European Brands in US as Walmart Partner

Highlands is now an official solution provider for Walmart Marketplace. As part of the US Agency Program, Highlands is recognized by the multinational retailer for their expertise in helping European brands who are looking to sell into the US on Check out the press release, here.

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