Up-To-Date Content’s Value | Google Privacy Sandbox Feature

The Importance of Keeping Your Content Up to Date

When it comes to making sales and building brand awareness, up-to-date content on your site is critical. Here are a few major points to keep in mind as you do a digital refresh.

Product Imagery

When you buy online, contact with the product is limited, making high-quality imagery is paramount to getting a sale. According to research, the majority of shoppers consider product imagery as a key element of their shopping experience. Be sure images are high resolution, clear, and include close-up detail shots, lifestyle shots, every angle is shown, and images of it in use (or, even more impactful, videos!). This will help customers to trust your brand/product and make an informed purchasing decision.

Refreshing Your Copy

Whether you have new products or want to improve your current website copy, refreshing your site is a great way to build trust with your audience and build domain authority. For example, if you sell office chairs, updating your website with more feature-rich content can show your audience that you’re an authority on ergonomics. Be sure that your copyright, blogs, product content, homepage copy, and more are all up to date with the most current information.

New Content Can Boost SEO

When you update your content, you’re not only increasing trust and building authority, but you’re also helping to boost your website’s SEO. Be sure to include various keywords when updating your site, focusing on at least 2-3 per page (at the minimum) but under 20, so the copy still flows naturally.

Much like the digital world, best practices for website maintenance are always changing. For help keeping your content and imagery up to date, contact us.

Google Follows in Apple’s Footsteps

Google recently announced that it will be following Apple’s precedent, introducing a Privacy Sandbox feature that will block website trackers on Android devices. However, this change is not expected to be implemented for another two years. Google’s hope is that this move will create more privacy for users while still giving businesses the tools they need to run successful advertisements online. Google is planning on making further announcements before any major changes occur, giving businesses the opportunity to come up with a fresh approach to running creative ads without access to as much information.

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