Selling Online: Be Wary. Be Thoughtful.

In this short video, I discuss 4 topics that I’d recommend all brands either selling online or thinking about selling online, to consider.  The US e-commerce market is growing nicely however, as a percentage of the overall pie it lags a little behind other countries like China and the UK. It means there is possibly so much to learn from these other countries to help refine your strategy. 

I’ll also cover the importance of Gen Z, especially how they are so very different from other generations before us and how we need to craft our messages accordingly. I also look at how the sheer volume of data and content being created is actually quite daunting. AI has to be part of your solution. 

Lastly, I look at Amazon. The Beast. The Behemoth. They have to be integral to your plan, but they can’t be the only plan. At least in my opinion. Spread the love. If you have a moment, I’d love your thoughts and also very happy to discuss any opportunities you may have for collaboration. Just email me at [email protected].


Key Points:

  • E-commerce 
  • International e-commerce 
  • Gen Z 
  • Tailoring your marketing messages 
  • Data and content volumes 
  • AI 
  • Amazon 
  • Multichannel selling 


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Gordon Christiansen Partner of Highlands

[email protected]

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