Video Guide + Examples for a Successful Omnichannel Strategy

What is an omnichannel strategy and how do you get it right – that’s what I discuss in a little over seven minutes. First I give you the difference between omnichannel vs multichannel, then I go into detail about what omnichannel really means. After which I have a couple of examples of brands who have great omnichannel experiences and lastly, why getting omnichannel right is so important to a successful modern business. If you’d like to chat through how we can help you navigate an omnichannel strategy without cannibalizing sales, email me at [email protected].

Key Points:

What is the difference between Omnichannel and Multichannel?  

    • Multichannel: distribution channels 
    • Omnichannel: marketing channels  

What is Omnichannel in greater detail? 

    • Revolves around every customer touchpoint  
    • Utilize multiple marketing channels to create a single user experience 
    • Should deliver a consistent and compelling brand message 

Examples of great Omnichannel experiences:  

    • Delta: website, app, email marketing, rewards program and in-person signage all work seamlessly together, and consistent  communication
    • Amazon: website, app, Alexa smart home device and in-store experiences build an enjoyable ecosphere 

Why getting it right is so important:

    • Greater year-over-year customer retention rate 
    • Higher lifetime purchase value 
    • Consumers like both digital and physical channels 
    • Companies who embrace omnichannel will be winners in the future 

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Bob O’Gara

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