North America ISSA Show 2022 Recap 

In October, the Highlands team attended the 2022 North American ISSA Show in Chicago, IL. We sat down with four of the event’s attendees to hear their impressions of the event:

Charles Koslowsky – Director of Strategic Accounts, Jan/San

Vinnie Pappano – Director, Inside Sales + Training

Chelsea Reeves – Director, Strategic Accounts

Mark Naughton – Director, Strategic Accounts

Tell us about your experience at the ISSA Show

Charles: The show floor was packed each day, and there was a great sense of community that we could all get together again in person to share successes and best practices.

Vinnie: Attending the ISSA Show was a refreshing opportunity to learn how manufacturers/vendors have adapted and crafted creative sales strategies in response to changing business landscapes, supply chain restraints, and consumer needs.

Mark: It was great to see clients and customers. Was surprised at how much I missed shows!

Chelsea: Great show, with lots of good energy from both exhibitors and attendees. The show was much larger and better attended than in 2021 but still had a smaller footprint than in 2019.

What was it like for Highlands’ clients?

Charles: Our clients had overflowing schedules of meetings and product demonstrations. Many 2023 planning meetings took place, and new and exciting programs were discussed.

Vinnie: Clients were able to meet contacts face-to-face and make significant headway in progressing/closing existing distributor opportunities and building relationships.

Chelsea: Our clients had great meetings and drop-by interest in their booths. It was great to meet with people in person again and have the opportunity to do product demonstrations.

Was there a theme for the event or something that stood out to you?

Charles: No real theme, but there was a universal feeling that getting together in person, as an industry, had tremendous benefits.

Vinnie: I truly enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Hygieia Networking event. It’s inspiring to know Highlands invests and supports the advancement of women in the Jan/San industry.

Chelsea: Two things stood out to me. One, robotics and autonomous cleaning vacuums and floor scrubbers are gaining popularity. The price point is still extremely high: $30-$60K. Several companies were touting their innovations targeted at reducing labor. The second theme was the continuing struggle with production due to labor constraints in their manufacturing facilities. It’s interesting to see a slight shift away from infection prevention and disinfection to labor reduction and time savings.

Anything else you want to share?

Charles: We accomplished all our pre-show goals and had the chance to engage with each person and company that were on our radar.

Vinnie: ISSA is always a great place to see industry innovation and trends. One of my favorites is the continued advancement of technology/Internet Of Things in the Jan/San industry.

Mark: Personally, for me, because of the interaction at the show with my two customers, Staples and Essendant, I expect 2023 to be a very good year.

Chelsea: ISSA Hygieia put on a great networking event. So many female leaders from across the Jan/San space were there. I’d encourage anyone, men included, to get involved. As a reminder, their mission is to promote the success and career advancement of women in the Jan/San industry.

Highlands 2022 Attendees:

Bob O’Gara, CEO

Seth Raley, President

Jenn McMahan, VP of Strategic Accounts

Charles Koslowsky, Director of Strategic Accounts, Jan/San

Mark Naughton, Director of Strategic Accounts

Monique Sluzynski, Business Development Manager

Vinnie Pappano, Director of Inside Sales + Training

Chelsea Reeves, Director of Strategic Accounts

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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