Guest Supply Show 2022 Recap Interview

In early August, the Highlands team attended the Guest Supply North American Supplier Convention. We sat down with three of the hospitality event’s attendees to hear how the show went.

Jenn McMahan – VP, Strategic Accounts

Rick Kaufman – Director of Hospitality

Angie Tuerck – Director, Business Development

The Highlands Team presenting alongside Avanti at the 2022 Guest Supply Show

Tell us about your experience at the Guest Supply Show

Rick: The most obvious thing to me is the Guest Supply culture. They come by, they’re interested, and they ask questions.

Jenn: Yes, everyone was truly engaged and wanted to find out what we had to offer.

Angie: The DSMs really impressed me. I appreciated the team’s engagement. It meant a lot.

Rick: Guest Supply treats the manufacturers and vendors well. And I know our clients, really appreciated that.


What was it like for Highlands clients?

Angie: On Tuesday evening, two of our clients, OttLite and Ghent, were part of the Pre-Exhibitor Showcase. When I arrived at 3:30pm I didn’t expect it to be in full swing. People were already around the table, asking questions, taking literature, and proactively engaging with our clients.

Rick: Our clients got exposure to the [Guest Supply] salespeople, marketing people, executive sales teams, and training teams.

Angie: When I was with Avanti, a professional production crew came around and filmed their presentations to use for future training.

Jenn: You can tell they invest in their training!

Mattress Safe's booth at the 2022 Guest Supply Show

It sounds like the theme of “Reflect. Refocus. Reignite.” was in full swing.

Rick: They really try to partner with their manufacturers.

Angie: It’s so interactive. It’s a game changer for anyone who wants to work with Guest Supply.

Jenn: I will continue to highly recommend this show to our clients.

Rick: Start planning now for next year’s show. It will be held in San Diego.

Lysol Pro Solution's booth at the 2022 Guest Supply ShowMattress Safe next to 2022 Guest Supply Show sponsor sign








Highlands’ 2022 Client Attendees

  1. OttLite
  2. Ghent
  3. Reckitt / Lysol
  4. Avanti
  5. Mattress Safe

Highlands’ 2022 Attendees

  1. Jenn McMahan – VP, Strategic Accounts
  2. Rick Kaufman – Director of Hospitality
  3. Angie Tuerck – Director, Business Development
  4. Charles Koslowsky – Strategic Accounts Manager, Jan/San
  5. Keri Walling – Business Development Manager

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

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