Coronavirus: How Do We Speak To Customers?

It’s been quite a month for our marketing team with everyone working remotely since mid-March. Luckily, we already had tools in place that allow us to virtually collaborate and still be productive from our couches, home offices and in our stretchy pants. We’ve enjoyed sharing memes and videos via chat. And our pets and spouses and kids have become regulars on our video calls.

Most of all, we’ve been nimble. My team has pumped out pivoted content that speaks to our client’s customers in this new world – from promoted Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn content, to insightful webinars and even weekly emails with sales tools that show how products can be great home office/school solutions. We’re also helping clients create new e-commerce-enabled brands so they can reach customers in new channels.

The main question we’ve heard from clients is:

“How do I speak to my customer without sounding insensitive right now?”

My answer is something a parent would tell their kid in a coming-of-age film: just be yourself.

It sounds simple but it isn’t. Most businesses in our line of work don’t have a solid understanding of who they are as a brand. So how can they be genuine when they speak to their customer?

Now is the time to get this locked down (pun intended). Create a solid foundation for your brand with a brand identity so you always know who you are and how your voice should sound.

The foundation of your brand’s identity rests in three main pillars: Values, Mission and Vision. Take time to re-evaluate your current pillars if you haven’t visited these in a while.

Getting started:

1. Core Values are the set of guiding principles that dictate behavior and action. Values are what form culture. They guide decisions. They inform a product roadmap or service delivery. We like Starbucks’ core values as an example because they are robust and have deep empathy for their employees and customers. How Do We Speak To Customers?

2. A Brand Mission is the essence of a business’ goals and the philosophy underlying them. This should set the tone for every business decision. We like Amazon’s mission statement as an example because it is direct and honest. How Do We Speak To Our Customers?

3. A Brand Vision gives the company direction. It is the future of the business, it’s about what you want to become. It’s aspirational. We like Southwest’s vision statement as an example because they’ve set a high standard for themselves and are actively working towards it. How Do We Speak To Customers?

If you still aren’t sure how to get started, don’t worry, sometimes when you’re so close to something every day it’s hard to step back and look at it with fresh eyes. This is what we do, we’re good at it and we’d love to work with you to fine tune your brand identity.

Written by: Liz Bateman, Creative Director

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