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Activ8 Acquisition: Benefits of an International Advantage  

As you may have heard, Highlands recently acquired Activ8, a UK-based e-commerce agency. Since then, we’ve been working hard to blend the former Activ8 team with our digital team, gaining valuable insights and learning about the benefits of our new international advantage. Here’s an update on how it’s gone so far… 

Access to Talent 

In today’s world, employers are challenged by the limited access to talent. Blending our team with Activ8 gave us the opportunity to work alongside incredibly talented individuals, with the knowledge and skills that improve all the work we do. 

This acquisition also allowed us to significantly grow our team, giving all of our clients more resources and expert knowledge to increase their likelihood of success. In turn, the quantity of work has grown and the quality of the work we produce has gotten even better.  

Learning from UK eCommerce  

The UK has the second-highest percentage of eCommerce retail sales in the world, only behind China. Needless to say then, working with UK eCommerce allows us to learn, and introduce best-in-class can strategies for the US market. 

Facilitating Opportunities Across the Pond  

For North American manufacturers looking to sell in Europe, or European manufacturers looking to sell in North America, the newly formed digital team helps to connect those dots. We can help you bring your brand to another country and provide you with the necessary tools to make it a success.  

New Opportunities  

One of the most exciting parts of the acquisition was access to talent in the Live Shopping sphere. From their live shopping studio based in Watford to their expert, cutting edge knowledge on live selling, Highlands has become to go-to expert for live commerce in the UK.

From collaborating on projects and helping brands bring their products across the pond to gaining key insights into e-commerce strategy, the Activ8 acquisition has and will continue to improve the Highlands experience for all clients.  

To learn more, reach out to us. 

New Services Section on Highlands’ Website is getting a makeover, with an updated services section so you can learn more about what Highlands has to offer. While we’ve already made some great improvements, we’ll be introducing more detailed services pages soon, covering everything from social media and live shopping to e-commerce partner management and so much more. Be on the lookout for the revamped services section coming SOON.  

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