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At Highlands, we help you grow sales into existing and new markets. Our expertise lies in getting your products into the hands of consumers, quickly, cost effectively and ahead of your competitors.  We want to be your partner from beginning to end, and to the next beginning.

We are a 'rep group' but our business has grown beyond just that.  We are not like any other agency you know of.  Not only will we help you build a fully integrated strategic sales and marketing plan, but we will execute it for you, also.

With help from Highlands, clients have access to a wide range of services, from sales representation, e-Commerce management, strategic planning, digital and traditional marketing to selling into some of the world's largest and best distributors and retailers.

Supporting your brand to maximize sales.



Whether its design or production, digital or print, Highlands can help.  Our in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and catalog owners' requirements makes us experts in content creation too. We ensure your work is 'on brand', 'on time' and 'on budget'.
Let us develop and manage your strategic blueprint alongside you.  Our REPEAT methodology helps navigate the journey, deliver against expectations and ensures there's a process for continual improvement
Highlands has highly skilled and experienced sales people who will maximize the presence of your brand with key resellers and help grow your sales.

Supporting your brand to maximize sales.

Our team have trusted relationships with all the largest accounts means that Highlands can get your products listed quickly and build plans to accelerate sales.
Highlands brings you a trusted and personalized eCommerce strategy to complement your traditional routes to market, growing your digital presence and online sales.
Our great team ensures we deliver on our promises.  Full content management, content creation, re-purposing of collateral and driving promotional activity are just part of what our team helps with.

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Highlands to Represent ShurTech Brands, LLC in the US and Canadian Office Products Channels

January 15, 2018

Highlands, the multinational sales and marketing services agency, has announced they will be representing ShurTech Brands, a global marketer of (DIY) do-it-yourself and home & office professional and consumer products, in the United States and Canadian office products channels. For decades, the professionals at ShurTech have put their focus on creating brands which are highly respected in terms of quality, innovation, and marketing, by consumers and professionals.

In 2009, ShurTech Brands became a subsidiary of Shurtape Technologies, LLC, an industry leading producer of innovative adhesive tape products. This collaboration combined the well-known consumer brands: Duck®, T-Rex Tape®, FrogTape®, and Painter’s Mate Green® brands with Shurtape’s professional brands.
“ShurTech Brands is excited to have established a relationship with Highlands. Changes in the market require new approaches; consolidating representation across the US and Canada with Highlands drives significant efficiencies for ShurTech and allows for a much more strategic collaboration with our channel partners,” says Peter Fahrenkopf, Vice President of Household/Stationery & Canada Sales at ShurTech Brands.

Highlands VP of Sales, Mike Douglas added, “ShurTech is committed to growing market share with their leading, world class brands. This new partnership helps strengthen our presence and provide innovative solutions to our customers across the US and Canada”. 

moving forward

Highlands in 2018

January 9, 2018

It was Paul Tudor Jones who said. “You adapt, evolve, compete or die.”  And, he’s a man worth listening to (120 / 400 on Forbes).

It’s no secret that the office supplies category is in decline and has been for some time. Like any successful company with its heartland in office supplies Highlands has been evolving its business for some years.  We try to stay ahead of trends and help our clients evolve and win with us.  

Office supplies will always be a cornerstone for our business however today it constitutes less than 25% of our sales income.  2009 was a turning point year for Highlands; we could offer true US-wide field sales representation and we entered the cleaning and break room categories.  Since then we’ve invested in e-Commerce capabilities, opened international offices in Canada and the UK, enhanced our furniture and facilities offering and added marketing to our portfolio of services.   

Over the last year we’ve clarified our vision and the principles that guide us, both internally and externally.  This has helped us and our clients to prioritize the direction we take from now, from 2018 and beyond.  One principle is ‘Channel Agnostic’.  That means we’re not fixed to any channel or marketplace but rather focused on advising our clients on the best place for them to be, and then help them get there.

That’s why marketing is such a vital component of our service offering.  Creating and executing strategies to exploit new markets is critical.  Helping clients with their proposition and positioning is not only exciting work but also helps drive effective sales advocacy.  Also, as more and more business is transacted online, the need for digital marketing strategies and assets becomes paramount. As a result, Highlands made the investments in people and capabilities to help those that require this service to increase their sales.

Highlands will continue to expand our facilities and furniture offerings, as our customers are looking for more support with these categories, and we have demonstrated the ability to help connect suppliers to these customers. We also expect to do more with safety, which is a natural next step for many of the partners we collaborate with.  

Beyond expanding product interest, Highlands is focusing on two distinct but well-defined end-user segments this upcoming year: hospitality and multi-family. These segments will take us firmly into the MRO space with clear focus. Further, this focus on specific verticals brings value to our traditional customers as we will be working with suppliers that can help traditional customers broaden what they sell and who they sell to.

An increasingly wide reach across multiple channels, integrated sales and marketing capabilities and access to the entire US market, as well as Canada and European markets, are a few examples of what sets Highlands apart in the sales and marketing space. In 2018, we look forward to helping our clients grow into new channels, markets, and geographies.

Gordon High Res

Gordon Christiansen promoted to COO of Highlands and makes his move across the pond to the U.S.

January 5, 2018

In the early weeks of 2018, Gordon Christiansen, Senior VP of Marketing and newly appointed C.O.O., has moved from his home in the U.K. to the home of Highlands’ corporate headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Bob O’Gara, C.E.O. at Highlands, commented “Gordon’s move to Atlanta and assumption of the C.O.O. role will allow him to become even more intimate with the entire business.  Since joining our European operation 3 years ago, Gordon has made a positive impact on the business providing leadership and operational rigor.  I look forward to working with Gordon and all of our associates as Highlands continues to grow through the addition of new services, geographies and market segments,”  

For over 55 years, Highlands has delivered greater sales for clients by providing the most effective and efficient brand advocacy programs. Today, Highlands serves its clients in the United States, Europe and Canada, supporting manufacturers and brands in the B2B, B2C, and eTail marketplaces.  

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Optimizing SEO using Google

December 18, 2017

As 2018 approaches, it’s no secret that even your Grandfather knows how to Google search, be it bunco rules or Velcro strapped Reeboks. When it comes to buying a product or service, most of us perform a Google search. Often, I perform a Google search to check product reviews and compare prices between different online selling portals (Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.).

Consumers may not be familiar with the channel they end up buying the product from, but they know they’re on the hunt for the best product at the most competitive price. With the amount of results a Google search can provide, it’s important that your website appears when a consumer searches for whatever product or service they need.

Many studies show that customers start the online search on a particular website but they end up buying from an alternative. This alternative website may not have been available or known to them when they started their hunt. This relays the fact that it is very important to increase your product visibility on multiple websites. 

Trend of Online shopping (source: bigcommerce)
51% of Americans prefer online shopping
96% of Americans who have internet access have shopped online
67% of Millennials prefer online shopping
95% of Americans shop online yearly
80% of Americans shop online monthly
30% of Americans shop online weekly
5% of Americans shop online daily

Statistics show that 54.5% online marketing is done through Google. 

Optimum ways to make Google work for you:

- Product Feed: Keep it updated. The products should be ready for pick up or shipping.
- Product Details: Maintain accuracy with respect to the product specifications. If Google finds these to be inaccurate, the product may not be listed long enough to catch anyone’s attention.
- Keywords: When seeking to purchase a product, the general population searches using few words, such as: name of the product, description of the product, weight, size, color, etc. These are the keywords. Be sure to use them in the product listing. This will increase the likelihood of your item showing up in the search.
- Images: The image within a listing plays a key role. It should be catchy and the customer should be attracted to click on it. Hire a professional photographer. Save your images using key words relevant to your product or service.
- Mobile Friendly: Make your website mobile friendly and get the customer to the desired page with minimal clicks. Little to no time lapse increases the chance of customer return. 

Today, there are many tools which will provide the information about an audience and what exactly they are looking for. Keep an eye on this data as it will provide you the impressions, click rates and information about the competitors. We suggest enhancing your product and website according to the trends. Google shopping is also offering local market inventory. You can sell to customers closer to your vicinity and also provide home delivery. 

In addition, Google is constantly updating itself to reach more customers. Think less, trust us, and get your products a space within Google shopping. Don’t forget, “the best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.”