Social Media Content

Are you struggling with getting on the social media train in 2018? Did you know there were 3.03 billion ACTIVE social media users as of November 2017? If you aren’t currently utilizing social media, or are doing so with very minimal efforts, you might be breaking a sweat as you continue to read this.  

What is Social Media Content?  

Social media content is any form of content shared via social media. Sounds simple, but there are various ways of attracting consumers via content. What type of content should you use? Which platform is acceptable for your brand? How do you know when to post these items? This blog aims to help you understand social media content and which trends you should consider executing to increase your brand’s reach. 

Social Media Content Strategy  

Successful social media starts with a social media strategy. Research needs to be done in order to effectively execute your social media strategy. 

Before spending copious amounts of time creating and posting content, follow these steps to improve your chance of success with social media content: 

  1. Think of your intended audience first. Who are these people? How can you relate to them? Where are they? 
  2. Establish your “brand voice” and REMAIN CONSISTENT. If you missed our last blog – “Content that Supports Brand Messaging”, you can find it here
  3. Develop content surrounding your findings. We will get into social media content “trends” next, which may help you discover your preferred style of content. 
  4. Post on the relevant social media platforms. There are many social media management platforms that can post for you. Start by setting up a calendar, adding content, and let the management platform do the hard work – maintaining a schedule. 
  5. Set goals for your strategy. What is your desired outcome? Increase ROI, website traffic, etc. 
  6. Lastly, analyze your results and adjust your goals and content accordingly. A great way of monitoring your success is to use Google Analytics

Trends to Watch for in 2018  

  • Increased engagement between brands and customers – Jay Baer, President of Convince and Convert, found that 42% of users complaining about a brand via social media, expect a response in less than one hour. Gone are the days when consumers had the patience for 1-800 numbers and their automated systems.  
  • Videos as top priority – With predictions that video will account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2019, you should ask yourself, “is your current content strategy poised to embrace this trend?” Keep in mind, consumers are 73% more likely to purchase product(s) after watching a video. 
  • Chatbots – Oracle conducted a survey, which suggested that 80% of marketing executives are currently using chatbots for business, or plan to by 2020.  

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