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Prime Day Deals Due Date Announced

Prime Day is on its way! Amazon recently announced that Prime Day deals are due Friday, April 29th. For 1P relationships, US purchase orders are due by mid-May for approved Prime Day deals (ship and delivery windows will be extended by eight days on these orders). All Prime Day inventory needs to be ready to ship by early June to reduce the risk of items running out of stock. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Be sure that your catalog and information are up to date in Vendor Central, including operating hours and availability.
  • Throughout the Prime Day event, be sure to confirm purchase orders within 24 hours, process shipments efficiently, and update product availability quickly if items sell out.

For assistance with Prime Day planning, contact us.

Back-to-School Prep: Get Started Early

Last year, we saw back-to-school sales spike early, indicating that e-tailers should start planning earlier for 2022. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Start Planning Promotions

Promotions need to be well thought out and ready to go. Whether you offer free shipping, special discounts, or another enticing offer, be sure to give each promotion a clear expiration date, so shoppers know to jump on the deal while it’s available.

Create Channel-Specific Content

Be sure to start creating any content you’ll need now, from Back-to-School themed banners for your website to feature-rich videos and email campaigns offering the inside scoop on deals and discounts.

This is also an opportunity to strategize your marketplace strategies for Amazon, Walmart, Staples, and more. From planning ads and updating your product copy to monitoring your inventory levels, use this time to ensure that you have a stellar strategy in place so back-to-school sales are successful on all your sales channels.

Build Excitement on Social

Since shoppers are seeking back-to-school deals earlier, let your audience on social media know that you’ve got exciting offers coming! Announce your back-to-school sales ahead of time and continue to promote any special offers throughout the duration as well. Not only will this attract customers already searching for deals, but it can also encourage others to start their shopping early.

For help strategizing for back to school, reach out to us!

Way Day

While the promotion deadline for Way Day has passed, there is still an opportunity to finalize ads and make adjustments to your product pages to ensure the event goes smoothly. Be sure to reach out to us for help finalizing details for this year and planning for Way Day 2023.

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