Live Shopping

Take advantage of one of the fastest growing eCommerce categories and leverage the power of D2C for your business. Create engaging on-air and on-site sales events by expanding your product offerings with our live commerce services. Our high-quality content creation, state-of-the-art studios, and account operation services help you scale up for the first time or grow your business.

Live Shopping Studios

With state-of-the-art shopping studios located near London, we produce events from concept to delivery with a highly experience team of set designers, producers and stylists.

We adapt our studios to suit all show formats and brand requirements.

We bring your products to life by turning product assets into engaging content.

Content Creation & Management

Increase your sales when our specialist creators bring your products to life, turning samples and assets into engaging content that entices viewers.

Target potential customers through their social platforms and connect them with the products you know they’ll love.

Whether it’s beauty, lifestyle, sportswear fashion, or tech categories, we leverage creative videos to create the right multi-channel strategy for your business.

Promotional Planning & Boosting

Our team collaborates with your brand to make the most of each event with customized on and off-platform advertising campaigns.

With our fully managed PPC and advertising solution, reaching your target market with compelling content has never been easier.

We’ll work alongside your existing internal or external teams to create a strategy that is fully aligned to business goals and budgets.

Live Show Setup & Moderation

Our team has the skills to oversee every aspect of any live event, from camera and audio setup to moderating comments and providing customer support.

We also create custom briefings for
every show, tailoring them to your
business across every customer

Influencer & Creator Recruitment

By pairing your brand and products with suitable on-screen personalities, our live shows are engaging, interesting, and moving.

Our UK studio is partnered with over 20+ professionally trained presenters to help connect you with the right talent when going live.

Our teams then work with each presenter to develop brand experts that know your products inside out.

Official Tiktok Partner

As a long-standing TikTok Shop Partner, we can help you navigate the social and commerce aspects of the platform.

We work closely with TikTok account managers and creative teams to help vou reach TikTok’s global audience with a tailored brand strategy and support every step of the way.

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