Digital Buying Satisfaction, “Shop Pay” Expands + More

Digital Buying Satisfaction Across the Generations During COVID-19.

A recent study conducted by CRC research examined the digital shopping satisfaction across the generations throughout COVID-19. The results ultimately gave insight into what consumers of varying generations seek while shopping online.

While Boomers use the search feature the most, Millennials prefer to browse. Regardless, this information should encourage e-tailers to make sure their search process on their website is seamless and easy to use.

Gen X and Boomers value shop-by-deal suggestions the most. This provides e-tailers with great insight into how they can cater their products to the Gen X and Boomer generation.

Gen Z has proven to be the toughest critic when it comes to their online shopping experience. For e-tailers whose target audience is Gen Z, this means ensuring your online shopping experience is stellar and up to date with the latest features.

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Shopify’s “Shop Pay” Expands to Facebook and Instagram

Social platforms have become a major part of how people buy things today, which is why Shopify has expanded its “Shop Pay” option to be available for Shopify retailers on Instagram and Facebook.

People will now have access to fast and secure online payment options and will be given access to industry-leading order tracking for convenience and information about the carbon offsets of their deliveries. Since its start in 2017, Shop Pay has offset 75,000 tons of carbon emissions which translates to 85 million trees being protected in the Peruvian rainforest. This is particularly valuable as 53% of consumers prefer green and sustainable products, and Shop Pay will allow them to shop sustainably.

Checking out with Shop Pay through the Shopify platform is 70% faster with a 1.72x higher conversion rate than typical checkouts. This is great news for e-tailers as this means fewer abandoned carts and increased conversion rates.

Twitter recently started testing a new way to display tweets that link to e-commerce product pages, such as products on a Shopify store. The tweets will now include a large “Shop” button and will feature product information such as the name, shop name, and price.

This new development is merely one of the many that Twitter is reportedly working on. A spokesperson for the company said, “This is the first of many experiments in the commerce space and we will enrich the experience as we learn more.”

New Wayfair Advertising Tools

Wayfair has recently launched two new advertising tools that will help brands produce more sales and get more out of their advertising spend on the website.

1. Keyword Product Boosting Advertisements

Wayfair sponsored products were already an impactful way to boost sales but combined with the new keyword targeting feature, you can promote specific products to serious consumers so they can easily find what they want through the SKU or part number. Done through the self-service tool on Partner Home, this will also let you use reporting in real-time to optimize your budget, so your ad spend generates more sales.

2. Pay Per Click Product Banners

Wayfair’s newest sponsored shops feature will allow you to put your catalog and products right where shoppers start browsing at the top of the page. Promote a few of your best sellers, launch a new product, or give consumers a final chance to buy some seasonal products by making your products the focus of the page. This will give you an edge over the competition and allow you to generate more sales. There is no minimum, and you only pay per click, so none of your budget will go to waste. The reporting dashboard allows you to monitor and analyze your campaign, giving you valuable insights into how your products are performing.

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Can you own a customer?

Earlier this month, Gordon Christiansen gave a 30-minute webinar taking us through the modern consumer’s mindset and how the ‘power’ in the buying cycle has shifted over the years.

This shift has a profound impact on businesses today. Gordon discusses key topics and examples that can help executives and marketers consider the best way to address these changes within their own company and build better customer relationships. Watch the recording here:

Looking Ahead:

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 20th. Reach out to us at Highlands to learn how we can help you prepare your online store and marketing strategy for the holiday and beyond.

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