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How to Maximize Sales with Google Ads for your E-commerce Website

When thinking about Google advertising, the majority of people think that they should be creating general search campaigns. Although this is true, in the world of e-commerce Google can act as more than just a brand building and general website funnel.

If you have an e-commerce-enabled site, meaning that a consumer can make a direct purchase from your website, you can utilize Google shopping and Google shopping ad campaigns. This allows you to not just get your brand out on Google, it also places your SKUs on Google so consumers can make a direct purchase without having to go to your website, which saves the purchaser time and energy. With that being said, Google shopping campaigns can be put into place at a SKU level to boost your product at the top of the search engine which will give prime visibility when a consumer is on Google looking in the related category.

Here are some key benefits to using Google Shopping Ads for your e-commerce website:

  • Greater visibility for your products
  • Potential to increase ROI
  • Broader reach
  • Better qualified traffic
  • Mobile-friendly display

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Is Augmented Reality Commerce Right For Your Brand?

The pandemic taught us the value in bridging the gap consumers experience when shopping online compared to in-person. Augmented reality allows customers to have realistic interactions with products all from the comfort of their own environment. Through the use of 3D visualizations, virtual try-ons, product demos, and more, brands now have the opportunity to elevate their customer experience. Here are some of the benefits that augmented reality commerce can bring:

Reduced Return Rates

As more and more people continue shopping online, many brands are facing higher than normal return rates. Research conducted by UPS surveyed online global shoppers and found that while 30% were making returns due to damaged or faulty products, 27% claimed that their return was due to the product not being “as described.” By incorporating augmented reality, consumers are able to make a more informed purchase decision, hopefully lowering the return rate.

Improve Customer Relationships

Offering augmented reality commerce allows consumers to engage with your brand in an entirely new way, allowing you to create relationships built on trust. The immersive experience adds value to your brand, in turn enhancing the shopping experience and helping to build customer loyalty.

Higher Conversion Rates

Overall, one of the primary benefits of augmented reality commerce is that it can help you make a sale. Giving consumers the opportunity to experience a product from the comfort of their own home can mimic the same comfort of being able to physically see a product in a store, allowing them to make the purchase without hesitation. In fact, research from Deloitte has shown that 40% of shoppers would pay more for a product if they could experience it through AR technology.

Marketplaces: The Fastest-Growing B2B Digital Sales Channels

Although B2B Marketplaces have been around for over 20 years, they are just now becoming a true part of mainstream e-commerce. According to Digital Commerce 360, collective B2B marketplace sales grew 130% in 2021, totaling $56 billion. The root of this is likely due to the major supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic, pushing many organizations to use marketplaces to buy and sell their goods and services. Compared to total e-commerce sales, marketplaces sales grew 7.3% faster in 2021 alone, indicating that this new trend may be here to stay.

Currently, Amazon Business is the biggest marketplace available for organizations. Research has shown that the marketplace could generate as much as $31 billion in gross merchandise volume this year alone, a number that is predicted to reach as high as $83 billion by 2025.

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