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At Highlands, we help you grow sales in existing and new markets. Our expertise lies in getting your products into the hands of consumers, quickly, cost effectively and ahead of your competitors. We want to be your partner from beginning to end, and to the next beginning.

We are a 'rep group' but our business has grown beyond just that. We aren't like any other agency you know of, because we not only help you build a fully integrated strategic sales and marketing plan, but we will also execute it for you.

With help from Highlands, clients have access to a wide range of services, from sales representation, eCommerce management, strategic planning, digital and traditional marketing to selling into some of the world's largest and best distributors and retailers.

Supporting your brand to maximize sales.



Whether its design or production, digital or print, Highlands can help. Our in-depth knowledge of eCommerce and catalog owners' requirements makes us experts in content creation too. We ensure your work is 'on brand', 'on time' and 'on budget'.
Let us develop and manage your strategic blueprint alongside you. Our REPEAT methodology helps navigate the journey, deliver against expectations and ensures there's a process for continual improvement
Highlands has highly skilled and experienced sales people who will maximize the presence of your brand with key resellers and help grow your sales.

Supporting your brand to maximize sales.

Our team have trusted relationships with all the largest accounts means that Highlands can get your products listed quickly and build plans to accelerate sales.
Highlands brings you a trusted and personalized eCommerce strategy to complement your traditional routes to market, growing your digital presence and online sales.
Our great team ensures we deliver on our promises. Full content management, content creation, re-purposing of collateral and driving promotional activity are just part of what our team helps with.

Lumeah Office 2

Highlands Helps Australian Brand Expand into the US

Highlands is pleased to announce the launch of the Lumeah brand, a US-based line of off-the-shelf interior design products that are multi-functional and easy to install. The range includes desk and room dividers, modesty screens, wall tiles and ceiling clouds.

Highlands was engaged by Lumeah’s parent company, Baresque (Australia’s premier distributor of wallcoverings, fabrics, architectural finishes and acoustic management products), to create the brand from its inception.

“We were keen to expand our offering outside the specifier community,” said Angus Blaiklock, EVP of Baresque USA. “Highlands has the knowledge and experience to take our new brand into the wider market. We are all excited to see how things develop.”

Lumeah Office

Lumeah modesty screens and dividers featured above. Lumeah ceiling cloud and desk screen featured in the main image. 

“Baresque is a really cool Australian company and it was fun to work alongside them from the very beginning,” said Gordon Christiansen, Highlands COO. “We started with deep research and understanding of the product, industry and target audience which helped us create and define the product line, branding and marketing material for the US marketplace.”

The Lumeah line is made with a rigid, lightweight and flexible material that not only looks great but absorbs internal and external sound influences thus reducing the noise level in a room.

For more information about Lumeah, visit

Lumeah Office

Lumeah room divider and wall tiles featured above.

eCommerce Pup

Maximizing your Amazon Strategy

From 1P to 3P: What’s Best for Small & Medium Sized Manufacturers?


In March, Amazon gave us a preview of their corporate initiative to consolidate vendors and to enrich the consumer experience. Unfortunately, they shut off orders for many “1P” (Direct) suppliers without as much as a goodbye letter. Since then, Amazon has walked back this decision for many suppliers, however rumors are rife that Phase II is coming.  The old saying “the best defense is a good offense” could not be more appropriate in your relationship with Amazon. Building a strong eCommerce strategy within your entire multi-channel business is vitally important in order to support sustainable growth for years to come. Allowing Amazon to direct your business is not wise or sustainable and probably does not support your corporate goals.

If you are a small to mid-size customer currently selling on Amazon, chances are you will be forced to create a “3P” account (third party account) and start selling as a direct seller within the foreseeable future. This is NOT A BAD thing, in fact just the opposite. Taking control of the supply chain, limiting the customers allowed to sell your products, and protecting your coveted margin is a sound strategy!

Developing a long-term eCommerce strategy takes commitment and ongoing planning, especially if you have been active in the channel for a couple of years. The ability to limit the number of customers within the channel and support channel rules can be difficult when we have been accustomed to “the more customers the better” paradigm. I urge you to stand strong and your patience will be rewarded.  

Highlands eCommerce is a channel advisor that focuses on building a strong multi-channel strategy and understands how to build a profitable and sustainable Amazon marketplace presence.  Sound agreements and channel rules will be the key to your long-term success - not only with Amazon but throughout your entire eCommerce platform.

If you are interested in discussing your eCommerce needs, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

Read how Highlands eCommerce helped one mid-sized manufacturer increase exposure, impressions and sales here


Kristin Stevens 

Vice President, eCommerce


DeAnna Pfeifer Joins Highlands As Territory Sales Manager

April 1, 2019

Highlands announces that DeAnna Pfeifer has joined the Highlands team as Territory Sales Manager. She will be covering the Illinois and Wisconsin markets. Previously, Deanna worked with RB Professional as a Business Development Specialist and Priority Accounts Manager.


“DeAnna brings valuable, high level sales experience in the Business Products and Jan/San industries,” said Mike Douglas, Vice President of Field Sales, Central and West Regions. “Her previous experience, along with a well-earned reputation as one of the top professionals in the marketplace makes her a great addition to the Highlands team.”

Jeff Ballard

Jeff Ballard Joins Highlands As Director, Strategic Accounts

March 11, 2019

Highlands announces that Jeff Ballard has joined the Highlands team as Director, Strategic Accounts. He will be responsible for managing our relationship with Staples. Most recently, Jeff worked with TOPS Office Products.  Previously, Jeff was a merchant at Staples.

Jeff's extensive experience and relationships at Staples will be an excellent addition to the Highlands team,” said Bob O’Gara, CEO. “He already has a clear perspective of both the account and the supplier’s points of view. This will make him a valuable partner to our clients when working with Staples.”