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Best Content Format For Social Media

Because social media can be a crowded place, you must create content that stands out and follows best practices. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, here are some best practices to create an all-encompassing strategy that allows you to easily deploy content across various platforms:


Keep it short and ask questions

Shorter posts perform best on Facebook. Research has found that users respond best to posts between 100 to 119 characters in length. Asking questions in your content is also known to increase engagement by 10 to 20 percent.

Pin Important Posts to The Top

Pinning a post at the top of your newsfeed is a great way to drive more eyeballs to specific content like important info, exciting discounts, offers, or high-performing posts.

Size Images Correctly

Clear, properly sized images can be the difference between gaining a follower and someone blocking your page. Size all your Facebook posts correctly, right now sizes are: 400 x 209 for thumbnails, 1200 x 630 for landscape photos, and 1200 x 1200 for square photos. A Facebook story and reel should be about 1080 x 1920.


Be Consistent

Keep your feed fresh by posting consistently. Boost engagement by utilizing the insights feature to find out when your audience is most active so you can schedule your posts for those times.

Keep Your Feed Visually Consistent

Your feed should appear visually consistent, maintaining a strong brand value and consistent editing style. Stick between 2-3 different editing styles so your feed remains aesthetically pleasing without appearing redundant.

Size Images Correctly

Your posts need to reflect the quality of your brand. Size all your posts correctly so images never appear pixelated. The recommended size for Instagram is 1080 x 1080. Instagram reels and stories should be sized 1080 x 1920.


Post Often

Keep posts consistent, posting original content on a regular basis.

Share Links and Photos

Research has found that including links in your LinkedIn posts can drive engagement up by more than 200%, images can raise the comment rate by up to 98% and including links to YouTube videos can result in a 75% higher share rate.

Size Images Correctly

Like with all other social platforms, it’s crucial to size your posts correctly. The recommended size for LinkedIn posts is 1200 x 627.

For help with social media planning, content creation, and more, reach out to us.

Hulu’s Ad Manager

Hulu recently launched its new ad manager feature, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to now consider including streaming TV ads in their overall marketing strategy as a method of growing their customer base and brand presence. The goal for Hulu is to give viewers more creative diversity and relevancy in their ad experience.

Reach out to us here to learn more about Hulu’s Ad Manager and if it’s right for your business.

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