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Highlands is an international agency dedicated to helping manufacturers grow sales in B2B and digital channels. As a representative for Avanti, KFI, OttLite, and many other Hospitality brands, Highlands would love to connect with you. ​

Avanti has been a trusted leader in the appliance industry since 1972. They specialize in compact appliances so everyone can live their best life even when space is at a premium.​

KFI Studios creates commercial grade, sustainable, user-focused and adaptable furniture. All KFI collections are highly customizable.

OttLite desk lamps help people work healthier and happier by reducing eyestrain with its ClearSun® LED technology. Sanitize desktops and workspaces with OttLite’s patented SpectraClean™ Visible Light Disinfection technology.

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Ghent offers premium, fully customizable and beautifully crafted whiteboards, glassboards, and bulletin boards. Bring ideas to life with these USA-made visual communication tools.

OneScreen plug-and-play smart boards makes it easy for people to work together and have productive interactions (without technological barriers) from wherever they are.​ ​ ​ ​