European Brands Entering the US, Payment Processors + More

European Brands Entering the US Market

European brands entering the US market have ample opportunity available to them, from building their own site to utilizing online marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, and Staples. While Amazon does offer a wide reach, there are marketplaces, like Walmart, that can help you to convert more sales, build brand awareness and reach your target audience. By diversifying your channel partners and leveraging the benefits offered by other marketplaces, you can help grow your brand and make your arrival in the US market a success.


In 2021 alone, Walmart’s e-commerce sales grew a staggering 79% and reached over 100,000 sellers. The pandemic helped, however, a big portion of this is due to its brand recognition and loyal customer base. By leveraging Walmart’s brand value, sellers can increase the authority of their own brand and build an authentic and loyal brand following. Walmart’s strict seller selection criteria also ensure the platform remains exclusive, allowing sellers to face less competition than they would have on Amazon.

For sellers hoping to save some money, Walmart’s low costs can be a huge bonus. Unlike other marketplaces, Walmart will only charge you when you make a sale, usually in a form of a referral fee that ranges between 6% and 20% depending on the product.

Once you’re approved as a seller, Walmart offers incredible features including free two-day shipping, advanced listing and analytics tools, and a secure checkout process that gives consumers peace of mind.

Like Walmart, other marketplaces, such as Staples, Overstock, Target, etc. offer tremendous benefits for European brands entering the US market for the first time or brands in general. To learn more, reach out to us.

Are Your Emails Going to Spam?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you send an email only for it to land in someone’s spam folder, particularly when that email holds important or time-sensitive information. Here are some helpful steps to take the next time your email blasts enter recipients’ spam folders:

Set Up Proper Authentication

There are multiple technologies available that can help you to authenticate your emails, ultimately making them more trustworthy to spam filters. Be sure to set up DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail), SPF (Sender Policy Framework), and/or DMARC, which requires you to use a DKIM or SPF. By using these technologies, your email address (particularly if it’s a custom one) will be flagged as a real person, allowing messages you send to be filtered to the recipient’s priority inbox.

Update Sender Information

Sometimes emails will go to spam if your sender’s information is inaccurate or missing. For bulk emails, the FTC requires that you add a physical and up-to-date address. Be sure to have the most current information, including an unsubscribe link, available at the bottom of the email.

Use Healthy Email Lists

When sending bulk emails to your subscribers, there are a few things that can land you in the spam folder:

Permission: Each person who subscribes to your emails is required to explicitly opt in. If not, it’s highly likely that the content will end up in their spam folder.

Inactive Emails: If your list includes a lot of inactive or disabled email addresses, it’s likely that the bounce back is causing spam filters to mark it as junk mail. Good practice is to clean up your mailing list on a regular basis to keep it healthy and secure.

Low Engagement: When very few people open your emails, it’s likely that over time they’ll start to be marked as spam because the recipient is no longer interested in the content. Be sure to keep your content relevant, timely, and eye-catching to keep your open and click rates high.

Try out these tips today and reach out to us for help.

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