Why Reviews Are Critical for e-Commerce Success

A poll of over 11,000 women in the US conducted by Influenster shows how women use social media and reviews to make their purchasing decisions.  A staggering 67% of reviews were sort using mobile devices, clearly demonstrating the need for a ‘mobile first’ strategy when creating your e-commerce platform. 

We shouldn’t be surprised by these results.  We’ve always trusted our friends to provide a tip for the latest trendy restaurant.  Now, we have millions of ‘friends’ all over the world who can provide us with insight into restaurants, hotels, airlines, taxis… everything.   Social media and specialist apps like Trip Advisor and Yelp make these reviews easily accessible.  And who doesn’t look at the star ratings on Amazon or eBay to help with your decision process?   

The lesson for retailers and etailers is simple.  Earn great reviews, get those star ratings up and you will sell more.