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Picking your Social Platform for Paid Search

Not only are 4.48 billion people on social media (as of July 2021), but they also log onto an average of 6.6 social media platforms every day.

Knowing how much time people spend on social media, you should take advantage of social media advertising. Social ads are now standard and utilizing paid social media should be a consistent part of your media spend. The challenge is identifying and reaching target audiences.

When looking at making a conversion on social media it’s not about being on the trendiest network. It’s more about knowing where your target audience hangs out and how best to reach them. Once you are in the right place you can define your message and produce better ads. With more relevant content you unlock better performance and better results.

Check out this quick comparison of the major platforms to help you get started:


Pros: The ability to reach billions. Perfect for prospecting and retargeting. The Facebook tracking pixel maximizes e-commerce ad conversions.

Cons: The audience size does make it hard for your message to be heard or seen.


Pros: The place where brands and influencers thrive using organic content. Reels and Stories are trending in a big way right now. Instagram Reels can provide you with awesome options such as full-screen advantages, stories, amazing filters, mentions, and more.

Cons: Content creation needs to be more engaging and direct. Getting people to leave the platform and visit your e-commerce store can be difficult.


Pros: Fresh platform and less competition for ad placement.

Cons: Content needs to be new and fresh to be engaging. Sponsored tools are still in experimental mode.


Pros: Feature-rich options for segmenting audiences according to keywords and is a perfect social network for raising awareness and engagement on many topics for a broad audience.

Cons: Can get expensive, so you’ll need to organize your budget and resources carefully for your campaign.

To learn more about how Highlands can help you solidify your e-commerce social media advertising strategy, contact us.

Expanding E-commerce Efforts Through External Partners

The e-commerce world continues to develop and expand every day, requiring e-tailers to continuously adapt and adjust their online retail strategies. Many brands are now faced with the question: is it time to bring an external partner to assist? Here are three reasons why that may be the case, and how Highlands can help.

You’re Struggling to Find or Keep Internal Talent

In today’s competitive market, it can be challenging to hire and keep internal e-commerce talent. According to a report from CRC, it takes companies an average of four months to recruit new individuals, with many of them staying on for three years before leaving. A great way to add expertise efficiently is to outsource your e-commerce efforts. This way, you’ll have the ability to gain expert insights in real-time, helping to strategize and keep up with the many changing trends that occur in the e-commerce world.

You’re Lacking Expertise

As a relatively modern concept in the shopping world, e-commerce experts in your particular industry can be hard to come by. As e-commerce continues to expand into every facet of the business, it’s critical for organizations to seek expert advice in order to stand out from the competition.

According to the report conducted by CRC

  • 70%+ of brands are lacking e-commerce knowledge to varying degrees
  • 77% report the need for more knowledge within marketing teams
  • 76% report the need for more knowledge within senior leadership
  • 76% report the need for more knowledge for sales teams

These numbers indicate a need for well-established agencies that offer expertise and work alongside you to drive online sales and brand awareness.

Start Small

A great way to test the waters and see if outsourcing is right for your organization is to utilize third-party for certain facets of your e-commerce business. For example, perhaps you’re looking for assistance with Amazon A+ content specifically but would like to keep everything else in-house. This provides you with an opportunity to alleviate the workload on your internal team while seeking expert advice from a well-established agency that can help you increase sales. At Highlands, we know one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we can work with you no matter where you are on your e-commerce journey.

To learn more about how Highlands can help you, reach out to us.

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