The End of Third Party Cookies? Kristin Stevens Explains

You may have heard Google announced it will stop the use of third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2023. The end of third-party cookies doesn’t mean this is the end for cookies in general. And cookies aren’t all together bad, in fact, accepting cookies should give you the best user experience on whatever website you’re visiting. In this video I explain what cookies are, what the death of cookies means for your business, and why it’s crucial to start preparing now. If you’d like to discuss how you can use data to personalize ad campaigns and drive sales, email me at [email protected].

Key Points:

What are Cookies?

    • They’re small files that websites send to your browser to enhance your shopping experience
    • They track and monitor the sites you visit and your browsing activities (like items you’ve put in your shopping cart or your login credentials)

1st party cookies 

    • Live on the website you are currently visiting
    • They’re not going away 

3rd party cookies 

    • Created by websites other than the one you are currently visiting

The future of cookies and advertising 

    • Consumers are demanding a balance between personalization and privacy 
    • Digital megas will stop allowing 3rd party cookies within a few years 
    • Social media platforms are giving user the ability to block ads 
    • Some web browsers are touting ‘100% tracking free’ models   

 What can you do without targeted ads?

    • Consider contextual targeting or cohort advertising instead 
      • Use Videos – they increase conversion seven-fold! 
      • Start leveraging your 1st party data to drive and support your marketing campaigns 


Kristin Stevens VP, E-commerce

[email protected]


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