Channels are dead. Long live the channel.

Have you been a winner or a loser during the pandemic?   


Given the uncertainty of when normality (or any semblance of it) will return, do you think you’ll be a winner then? 

Provided the huge impact COVID-19 has had on retailers and B2B resellers, do you even know whether your usual channel partners will still be in business? 

Can you become over-reliant on Amazon for e-commerce sales? 

Increasingly, we are seeing manufacturers establish Direct to Consumer (D2C) programs to help drive consumer engagement, grow sales and alleviate strain on their current channel strategy. 

At leading research group Cleveland Research Center’s recent e-commerce Summit, attendees were polled as to the elements most important to them pertaining to their D2C strategy. 

Source: CRC E-commerce Summit 2020

As well, CRC stated “We expect D2C to outpace the broader e-commerce market from a growth perspective in 2021-2024. And in 2020, we expect sales flowing through Big Commerce and Shopify to surpass $100 billion.” 

More and more brands and manufacturers are seeing D2C as an integral part of their overall e-commerce platform. Indeed, businesses small and large see this as a top priority. 

What’s not to like? Increased sales, direct consumer relationships and all the insights that provide ‘pure’ brand communication and better gross margins. As ever, there’s a catch. Building a D2C platform takes investment – in time, money and expertise. The return is unlikely to be overnight. It is, however, in the very least a great hedge against your current channel strategy. 

Large brands are wellserved by highly sophisticated agencies offering consultancy and services to help deliver their D2C plan. Typically, smaller businesses are less well served. 

This is where Highlands steps in. We specialize in a turn-key D2C solution for small to mediumsized manufacturers. Not only can we help guide your strategy, but we can execute it for youOur specialist teams can shape your brand story, build your website, create all the digital and social media content and craft consumer engagement campaigns. 

If you’d like to learn more about how we help grow sales into new channels, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch – [email protected]  

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