Natural Ingredient Cosmetic Brand Grows Awareness and Followers on TikTok

Highlands helps client launch and grow through Live Shopping on social media.


The Client

The Beauty Crop is a company with a mission for healthy living and natural ingredients. They established their brand with unique cosmetic recipes and their philosophy is inspired by healthy kitchen recipes and a passion for color that helps to create nutrition-rich ingredients that promote health and wellbeing.

The Challenge

As part of the brand’s expansion into the UK market, The Beauty Crop wanted to grow awareness and followers on TikTok and learn how to host Live Commerce shows on their own.

The Highlands Digital Difference

Highlands developed a launch campaign focused on growing brand awareness and followers on TikTok, helped The Beauty Crop launch exclusive products in their catalogue, and created in-feed video content. The Highlands team is also handling ongoing training and advertising support for their internal Live operations. 

Services we provided:

  • Strategic planning
  • In show moderator training
  • Product portfolio planning
  • Presenter training
  • Follower increase advertising
  • Conversion targeted advertising
  • Custom show graphics
  • Stock/order integration management


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