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February 26, 2018 

Are you experiencing flat or decreased sales, even with the implementation of what seems a great marketing strategy? Maybe you’re misusing your marketing budget, or it needs a few tweaks. As discussed in our previous blog, there are different types of content that have different business applications, and as a business owner, you must be sure you’re not wasting dollars for your brand.

The term “transactional content” refers to content which helps meet a desired business goal at the point of purchase. Because traffic and revenue tend to go hand in hand, most brands are building content marketing platforms to work toward these goals. The level of utility in transactional content is what sets certain companies apart from the rest - you have the traffic but now you need to maximize conversion.

The basics, but essentials, of transactional content include: great video, quality imagery, 360-degree shots, and strong copy. Below, you can find a few great examples of video.

1. Saddleback LeatherTypically, before customers buy a product that is new to them, they prefer to know how the product will benefit them, and how they will use it. Saddleback Leather created a video which gives simple instructions on how to use one of their satchel purses. Allowing consumers to understand all the functions of the purse will lead to a better customer experience. You can find the video here.

2. Mancrates: Mancrates is a subscription company (similar to Birch Box, Dollar Shave Club, etc.) which sends out assembled wooden boxes filled with man gifts. These boxes are difficult to open and come with a small pry bar, because what guy doesn’t love tools? This video used by Mancrates gets consumers excited and provokes interest about the product, by showing the dismantling of a Mancrate. They do this all in only 21 seconds. 

The main takeaway here is that transactional content has one purpose: to transact. Creating good content around this goal will provide sales growth. In our next blog, we’ll get into branded content and how companies can benefit from its use. 


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