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March 22, 2017

Great questions - especially the ones you ask yourself -" are hard to come by. But great questions help you think more clearly. They make you pause. They interrupt old ways of thinking that are getting in your way. They stimulate and provoke.

Great questions make you curious about yourself, your company and even the industry. It’s the kind of curiosity I remember when my daughter was five, and she kept asking, “why?”  While it annoyed me at the time, asking “why” is quite powerful.  
In manufacturing, it’s called root cause analysis or “five whys.”  By continually asking why we do it that way, why we care or why it matters, and then ask why to that answer we can peel away at what’s really going on.  In many cases, we just live with things because we haven’t dug deep enough to figure out what needs to change or how to change it.

And, it’s not just “why” questions, but also “what if” and “how” and “which” that could give us insight into key improvement areas.  The key is to ask open ended questions -" not just those with a yes or no answer.  Questions like “Are we…” or “Should we…” or “Does this …” don’t give you enough context to stimulate appropriate creativity.  You’ll get rich discussion by asking better questions.  

Examples include:
  • Why do some prospects not buy our products?
  • What is unique about our business? How does that uniqueness solve a customer problem better than anyone else?
  • In which markets or products should we stop investing? Why?
  • What could we outsource that we are not good at so we can focus on what we do best? How might we do that? (Examples might include: marketing, website/digital technologies, content development, strategy development, logistics)
  • What am I doing as a leader that is contributing to a particularly negative situation?  (Constantly asking yourself open ended questions will increase your own self-awareness and your personal ability to take accountability and influence change.)

How to get started

Write down one area in yourself or your company that is causing you worry or feels like a bottleneck. Then write down a few good questions. Work with your team to brainstorm and discuss the answers.  You’ll find richness in the dialogue and the discovery.  Good Luck.

Janet Collins, a strategic advisor in the office products industry and a long-time collaborator with Highlands.  She works with business leaders to develop growth strategies and mobilize teams to take action and achieve results. She's a coach who's been in your shoes, most recently as President of GMi Companies (Ghent, VividBoard and Waddell). 

Contact Janet at [email protected] or visit www.linkedin/in/collinsjanet.


Janet Collins

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