B2B Power Distributors are Investing in eCommerce. Now What?


Video Transcript:

It’s taken a while, however, B2B power distributors have finally started to wake up to the possibilities of eCommerce.

There are several factors driving this:

  1. Amazon eating their cheese
  2. Changes in consumer buying habits
  3. The need for the distributor to drive cost efficiencies

But what does this mean for brands, for your brand, the company that is making the products the distributors are selling?

Well, you have to improve your content. I’ve never seen a business buy anything, but I’ve seen people in a business buy something, and they expect an experience, during that path to purchase, very similar to the one they have when they’re making their own personal purchases.

You must also prioritize your investment into the distributors that have the right web platform for your product and services.

Also, consider your investment program, the money that you’re providing to drive business with that distributor, and how that should be used to maximize the eyeballs and conversions on the distributor’s website for your brand.

And lastly, segment your product offerings and focus on those that will work best when sold online.

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