Appealing to Todays B2B Buyer

It’s time to stop the excuses – B2B buyers are just regular people. In this 4 minute video, I make my case for B2B brands to enhance their content in order to appeal to their current target audience. In order to stand out from your competition, you have to offer better buying experiences for your customer. If you’re ready to plead guilty to sub-par content, email me at [email protected].


Key Points:

B2B buyers behave like regular consumers

    • Generation advancement
    • Technology advancement

Who is the current B2B buyer? 

    • Millennials have made up the majority of the labor force since 2016
    • 1.8 billion millennials worldwide

What are millennials like?

    • Purpose-driven
    • Want a better world
    • Care about brand values and actions
    • Believe businesses should help better society
    • Want flexibility and work life balance
    • Believe everything should be viewed through the lens of sustainability
    • They dislike phone calls
    • Prefer remote versus in-person meetings

B2B needs consumer-level online content across all touchpoints

    • Better design
    • Great user experience (UX)
    • Good copywriting
    • Modern imagery
    • Continuous data review
    • Continuous content optimization


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Liz Bateman Creative Director

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