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Prepping for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

This year, Black Friday lands on 11/25, which makes Cyber Monday 11/28. Last year, consumers started their shopping as early as October, so it’s crucial to prepare for these shopping events early. Keep these tips in mind as you finalize your Black Friday/Cyber Monday strategy for 2022:

Forecast Demand

Avoid stockout or dead stock by preparing your business with inventory forecasting. You’ll need to understand how many shoppers you’re expecting and the volume of products you’ll need to get a clear picture of your base-level demand. Want to learn more about how to forecast inventory demand accurately? Check out our recent newsletter.

Marketing Promotions

Finalize your marketing promotions ahead of time so you can take into consideration how they may affect your forecast demand. Some things you’ll need to consider include what products will be discounted, if you’ll be offering product bundles, and the discount rate you want to offer.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent opportunities to get creative with your marketing promotions. Consider bundling slow-moving SKUs with best-selling items, boosting your posts on social media, creating teaser emails, conveying limited stock availability, and doing a countdown on your website to build anticipation. The goal is to bring customers in before, during, and after the shopping events.

Optimize Your Website

Make sure that your website is prepared for higher volumes of traffic. From checking your load speed to ensuring a smooth checkout process, there are small but mighty changes you can make that can be the difference between a customer making a purchase or not. By offering additional payment methods such as Paypal, Klarna, and Afterpay, you can expedite the checkout process for consumers, which can be a helpful way to reduce abandoned carts.

Don’t Miss Opportunities

Gain valuable insight and boost brand awareness by taking advantage of the increased consumer engagement on your social media feeds and website. This is a great time to ask for customer testimonials, 5-star reviews, feedback on the user experience of your website, review all available customer journey data after the event, and more.

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LinkedIn has a New B2B Business Manager Platform

LinkedIn’s new business manager platform is designed to enhance your marketing experience on LinkedIn; the Campaign Manager and Pages will now offer more control and clear visibility of your marketing campaigns in one central location. This move will now provide companies the opportunity to discover new strategic insights that can elevate the success of their campaigns. Here are some of the changes users can expect to see:

  • A centralized dashboard that houses ad accounts, Pages, business partners, and team management so you can seamlessly go from working in the Business Manager to the Campaign Manager to Pages.
  • Spending less time on administrative tasks like billing and user permissions.
  • Buyers can be reached quickly with Matched Audiences across ad accounts.

To learn more about LinkedIn’s new business manager, reach out to us.

Way Day 2.0 and Prime Day 2.0

Wayfair recently announced Way Day 2.0, which is set to take place on October 26th through October 28th. While the deadline for submissions has already passed, the event gives vendors a great opportunity to run promotions throughout the month in order to boost sales. This move comes on the heels of rumors about Prime Day 2.0, which was recently announced and will take place on October 11th and 12th. It’s likely that the rationale behind both Wayfair’s decision and Amazon’s decision is due to poor results from events earlier in the year, assisting vendors with inventory overflow, and testing the “preholiday” event tactics, similarly to how they did in 2021 and 2020.

For assistance with prepping for Way Day 2.0 and Prime Day 2.0, reach out to the experts at Highlands.

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