Making the B2B to D2C Jump

In early pandemic days… 


Who would have thought that we’d be starting out sentences with that word, pandemic? Wearing masks and getting your temperature taken everywhere you go like it’s normal. Strange times we live in!  


In early pandemic days, I think a lot of companies in our industry said “Oh $h!t, we need to update our website, like real fast, because all of a sudden workplaces were empty and they needed to appeal to the vast and rapidly growing WFH crowd (that’s millennial for “work from home”). 

And we said:

I Told You So







Not really.

Although, an updated and great website is something we’ve been recommending to clients for a while now. In fact, you may recall hearing Gordon Christiansen, President of Aviso / Highlands COO / funny accent guy, give some spirited presentations on this exact topic at two OPI events last year.

While the consumer world is still reeling from COVID-19 and continues to shift, the four tenants of meeting the needs of the 21st Century Consumer still ring true (or maybe ring even truer… more true? Ah forget it):

  1. Make sure your brand is consistent across all touchpoints
  2. Your product is purchasable via all digital interactions
  3. Your supply chain allows for super-fast delivery
  4. And your content is developed with customer 4.0* in mind

*Customer 4.0 + pandemic.

Things aren’t back to normal. Sure, some businesses are open, but others aren’t or are very limited (Have you been to a hospital lately? It looks like a Twilight Zone episode). We argue, things will never be “normal” again. Even if they were, the marketplace was already moving online anyway.

We’re here to help you embrace D2C. Embrace eCommerce and appeal to a new consumer in another channel! Don’t be the best GIF on the internet:

It's Fine








Liz Bateman is the Creative Director of Aviso, a marketing agency based in Atlanta that specializes in equipping businesses for today’s market. If you’d like to learn more, let’s talk; [email protected]