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Sales of technology products and services is in a constant state of flux and operates in an extremely fast-paced environment.

How do you market something new, innovative, and conceptually unfamiliar to your target audience?

You need a partner capable of adapting as demand evolves. And your sales and marketing strategy needs to move even faster, keeping ahead of the market.

Don’t get left behind.

The team at Highlands faces market trends head-on to deliver results as new technologies are developed and introduced. From blurring technology channels to new and emerging categories, we’ll navigate your brand to the forefront of the market.

Considering innovation, functionality, compatibility, design, and budget into your brand, our expertise will reach your target audience across multiple marketplaces.

We bring a seamless journey for your customer from the point of purchase, whether it be through an online, traditional retail, or omnichannel approach. We ensure you maximize return on investment in this fast-paced environment.

OPMA Partners with Blippar, the Leading International Augmented Reality (AR) Specialists

February 5, 2018

In 2018, more than ever, businesses are using advanced tools, like AR, to boost success. With this ever-growing technology use, visual collaboration tools, such as augmented reality, have simplified processes that were previously more complex, and delivered more engaging user experiences. 

Mike Metchikoff, President at OPMA, says "Creating differentiation and getting more eyeballs on marketing collateral is an increasingly challenging task in a highly competitive landscape. OPMA recognizes the need to offer more intriguing and sophisticated solutions for clients and augmented reality will be at the forefront of our constantly evolving solution set.  We have experience working with Blippar subsidiary, Layar, and we are excited to utilize Blippar’s more robust technology platform to provide enhanced consumer experiences for our clients and their customers."

"Augmented reality can help visualize the features and quality of a product in a highly engaging way. This enhances and streamlines the sales and conversion process by equipping customers with everything they need to confidently purchase. Given OPMA's history of innovative marketing solutions for their clients, we are thrilled to partner with them to bring AR to the office products industry," adds Alana Kalin, Commercial Head US. 

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IDEAL shredder

EOPA 2018 shortlist reveals two IDEAL shredder videos as nominees for “Video of the Year” award.

December 15, 2017

The EOPA (European Office Products Awards) 2018 shortlist has been revealed, and among the shortlist, IDEAL has two videos eligible for “Video of the Year” category. Highlands produced these videos for Krug & Priester’s IDEAL shredders. The videos highlight the simplicity and quality of the shredders.

Senior executives gathered last Thursday for the EOPA judge’s meeting. Judges are composed of industry experts, who spent the day condensing a record number of nominees into the 2018 EOPA shortlist. 

For the past 17 years, EOPA has been established as the ultimate distinction for businesses that operate in Europe. It’s a way of celebrating outstanding individuals and companies from the office/business supplies sector. The award ceremony will be held on March 6, 2018 

“We were really excited when asked by the team at Krug & Priester to produce videos that presented key benefits of their products but in an interesting and engaging way.  Shredders is a very well-established category and it’s challenging to come up with innovative ways of telling stories to prospective clients.  The videos are really impactful and it’s great to be recognized by the European Office Products Awards committee and be shortlisted for Video of the Year.  The shortlist has other great videos from great companies so we’re honoured to be bracketed with them and, you never know, we might just win,” Says Gordon Christiansen, C.O.O. and SVP, Marketing at Highlands.

Below are the links for the IDEAL shredder product videos, which have been nominated for video of the year award. 

For over 55 years, Highlands has delivered greater sales for clients by providing the most effective and efficient brand advocacy programs. Today, Highlands serves its clients in the United States, Europe and Canada, supporting manufacturers and brands in the B2B, B2C, and eTail marketplaces.  


Highlands to Represent XP Distribution and OttLite in the Office and Stationery Markets

November 30, 2017

Highlands, the multinational sales and marketing services agency, has announced they will be representing XP Distribution, the exclusive European distributor of OttLite, an innovative LED light technology brand from the US.  Highlands will be managing sales of OttLite’s new Wellness and Workwell ranges into the specialist office and stationery markets.


For over 25 years, OttLite has focused on developing natural daylight lighting for home, office and business.  OttLite’s expertly engineered natural daylight lighting helps people see more clearly and comfortably.  Their range of lamps delivers high colour accuracy and greatly reduces eye fatigue when compared to competitive lighting brands, and is popular in the office, home and craft market.


Highlands will begin representing XP Distribution by optimising their channel presence in the office market, with OttLite’s Wellness and Workwell ranges. Scientifically developed by OttLite Technologies Inc., OttLite has created an exclusive, proprietary LED formulation that delivers the closest thing to natural daylight available indoors, and helps reduce eyestrain by 51%.    


With a score of 95 out of 100 on the Color Rendering Index, the OttLite Workwell and Wellness ranges are the best on the market, with the average LED scoring 83.


“We look forward to working with Highlands, a company with a great track record in representing manufacturers of all types. We trust in their ability to introduce the highly innovative OttLite Workwell and Wellness ranges to new channels, and look forward to a long, successful relationship”, says Managing Director of XP Distribution, Geoffrey Clements.


Jade Wilson, MD at Highlands commented, “The OttLite technology fits clearly within the channel focus areas, offering a differentiated exclusive technology that focuses on health, wellness and wellbeing. We’re proud to represent XP Distribution and OttLite in the office and stationery markets.”




static control logo

Highlands announces strategic agreement with Static Control

November 27, 2017

Atlanta, GA (November 27, 2017) - Highlands announces strategic agreement with Static Control.

Static Control has appointed Highlands as its exclusive sales and marketing agency for the USA and Canada, to lead their growth in the office products channel.

Static Control is the world's largest manufacturer and global distributor of parts and supplies supporting the ink and toner remanufacturing industry. At the core of the business is a commitment to R&D, high quality and IP compliance, which has fueled the impressive growth in cartridge sales over the last several years.

“Highlands has a wealth of experience and a great track record representing manufacturers of all types. We trust in their ability to introduce Static Control and our company values of innovation and quality to new channels,” says Bryan Bonacum, VP, North American Sales for Static Control. “We look forward to a successful long-term relationship.” 

“We are excited to work with a cartridge manufacturer that is committed to R&D, education, and serving their customers with the highest level of service and quality,” says Bob O’Gara, CEO of Highlands. “Static Control is committed to growing their market share. This allows Highlands to strengthen our presence with customers across the US and Canada by exploring new opportunities and increasing customer awareness; it’s a win-win for everyone.”


The Challenges of New Opportunity

January 18, 2017

We all see what’s happening.  The merger that wasn’t (Staples and Office Depot), Newell grows larger, Safco buys Mayline, WalMart acquires Jet (to take on Amazon), Amazon surpasses $1B in B2B sales - in under ONE YEAR!  Add in Brexit and Donald Trump and we see a category in full transformation.  Some will survive and thrive.  Others will not.  

Looking forward in 2017, we see large suppliers aggressively looking to acquire (more consolidation), buyer groups merging, large accounts looking to acquire (fewer resellers), product diversification, and further migration to Amazon.  These are tough times and it will not be easy for any of us.

That said, let’s consider the broader market.  The collective opinions of CBRE, JLL and NREI (National Real Estate Investor) show tight commercial vacancy rates within the US office sector through 2017.  Leasing rates continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace, and new inventory is expected to come online.  This dynamic likely exists in Canada and Europe as well.  The office sector is poised to grow, and will need our goods and services!

It’s just that traditional sectors no longer drive the economy.  According to JLL (, tech remains the largest contributor to office leasing activity (24% of the market) -- larger than the next three sectors combined (finance, government, law)!  This dependency on technology, both personally and professionally, exists for all western economies.  It’s incumbent upon us (suppliers) to accurately meet their needs, and to abide by the new methods by which they shop and buy.

It’s also important to understand the issues driving or impeding their success.  There is no shortage of new, breakthrough technologies across every sector.  One big problem is a limited supply of qualified employees to bring these technologies to life.  Qualified employee acquisition and retention is a tech firm’s #1 priority (just visit any tech job board).  Couple that with dwindling employee supply (boomers retiring faster than new employees replace them) and you get a tight labor market and rising wages.  

My point is that old approaches and structures are less and less effective. New technologies offer better and more cost-effective solutions, but traditionalists create obstacles that block our ability to move in this direction.  As a supplier to this sector, we must adjust to the market and help end-users succeed.  Those that lead will reap the rewards.  Those that wait will experience tough sledding.

Seismic change always brings challenges.  Change is hard.  But opportunity remains.

Bob O'Gara
Highlands CEO