Soft Goods

Only the best in product placement and sales support for your brand.
The soft goods industry includes large to small ticket items and are generally impulse-purchases.

For this, product placement and positioning are driving factors behind bringing success to your sales and marketing plan.

Now more than ever before, consumers place high demands on product design, functionality, and style. This has never been truer than in the soft goods marketplace.

From personalization options in color and design to channel blurring moving a product from the traditional channel to a new alternative marketplace, Highlands understands the unique dynamics of this highly personalized category.

At Highlands, we are the best multi-line sales and marketing partner for you. We recognize that soft goods bring immense value to marketplaces, and we’ll bring that value to your brand.

From luggage and backpacks to laptop bags and cases, we’ll demonstrate the perfect work-life balance for your products. The team at Highlands is a team you can trust for full sales and marketing support.

Think of Highlands as your soft goods problem solvers.

With the end-user in mind, the team at Highlands will develop a complete sales and marketing strategy to maximize the presence of your brand in the soft goods market.