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10 tips on how to produce the perfect product video

October 14, 2017 

Welcome back to part 2 of our series on Video Blogs. In our earlier post, we understood why product videos were important. To recap 73% more visitors end up purchasing products after watching a video.”

In that blog post, we also understood the factors that need to be considered before we start shooting the video itself.   Now, let us take a look at how to create the best possible video that can help you sell your product. 

Why should the customer watch your video?   Simply put, to understand all the aspects of your product, so that he or she can arrive at a purchasing decision. 

What does a customer expect from your video? Product videos should resonate with the viewer. If your message resonates, not only have you communicated your message, you have also captured mindshare (and a share of the wallet too, hopefully). Viewers decide quickly whether to watch the entire video or not you have less than 30 seconds to capture their interest.   

Keeping these points in mind, let us see how we can create the ultimate killer product video! 

1.       Script is important.  Don’t think that you can wing it without a script. A script is not just the words that are spoken, its about what you see as well. A weak script can risk hobbling the otherwise great work from the other components like the camera work, or the product itself.         

2.       Context is king! Show how your product fits into the bigger picture. A good product video will start by showing this context around the need of their product for the target audiences. 

3.       Talk about your product (not your company). Use appropriate video shots and camera angles to capture your product. Use a good voiceover to introduce the product with a bang!  

4.       Remember though, that 50% of videos are watched without sound, so make sure you have subtitles.  And, if your audience is listening the subtitles won’t distract them.  In fact, evidence shows that people are more likely to remember your message if they can hear and see it. 

5.       Demo!  All that the customer wants. Keep it simple and clear. No extra information is required. The demo should tell the customer that it is easy to use and better than other competitors. 

6.       Testimonials from the existing clientele.  It should be to the point and exciting. If the existing client is excited about the product, the vibe gets carried across easily. 

7.       No scare tactics! You don't want to be identified as the cheap infomercial that uses FOMO tactics to get you to buy their product. Good product videos can be carried on their USPs, and scare tactics are not needed. 

8.       Make it look good. Although beauty is not skin deep, a good-looking product video does not do your business any harm. Product videos are an advertisement for your brand, and a good first impression counts. Let the video have some personality so that your brand can shine through the competition. 

9.       Logo. Have your logo included throughout in the video. This is a better option than having a pre-roll. Nobody wants to see an ad within an ad.  

10.   Call to action. How do viewers buy your product after watching your video? Include next steps. If the viewer makes it to the end, there is a purchase interest. A call to action can help seal the deal.   

Bonus tips: 

Ø  Make various versions of the video. This is very important as we can use the same video on different platforms. Make 5-second, 15-second, 30-second cuts, depending on where you want to promote this video. 

Ø  Thumbnail. Thumbnails should have product close-ups. This attracts the customer’s attention and there will be an immediate click on it. 

Ø  Zoom-in: Give an experience to the customer that they are examining the product closely.  Show all the parts your product has.     

Use all these points and inspire great sales through your video. Remember, video attracts more eye-balls resulting in more conversions. Seed your video on YouTube and social networks like Twitter and Reddit, in addition to your website, to spark additional engagement.       


Gordon Christiansen    
Partner & SVP Marketing

Gordon is a 54 year old Australian who was born in Denmark, lived in the UK for 27 years and now wants to live in Atlanta.  After breaking his father’s heart by leaving the family ships’ chandlering business in Fremantle, Australia Gordon embarked on a career in sales and marketing with Pitney Bowes and Canon before investing in and running an office products and graphic arts dealership in London called London Graphic Centre. 

Gordon is passionate about getting corporate messaging 100% clear and how alignment between marketing strategy, execution and sales effort will enhance and accelerate market penetration for Highlands’ clients.     Outside family, the things Gordon enjoys the most are cricket, Australian Rules football, music and socializing with good friends, good wine and good food.  So, for anyone interested in learning the intricacies of cricket or Aussie Rules I’m sure Gordon can be bribed with a charcuteries plate and a decent red. 

Building bridges across the pond

September 6, 2017


People are different.  Countries are different.  European business practices are different, as are the products they use.  To me, different is good.  Why?  While some products can face domestic decline, many find renewed life crossing the ocean - either going there or coming here!  And it’s not as hard as you might think because digital transformation and logistics improvements have brought foreign markets much closer.  Getting them into effective distribution channels and purchased by end-users is another story, and why local knowledge of that last mile is so important. 


So how can companies prepare for a successful trip across the pond?


1.      Correctly engage the category.  Not all products have the same value to a new target.  Make sure you launch with the right product assortment, proper pricing, and promotional incentive plan.  As your products and brand grows, then expand your offering to other products.

2.      Develop a strong distribution platform.  Some have never marketed to EU before, while others have a logistics partner but may not be utilizing it well.  Cross-border tax ramifications, product regulations, packaging requirements are difficult to manage in familiar regions.  Try doing it in multiple languages under different legal regimes!

3.      Proper salesforce engagement and support.  Appropriate CRM, campaign management, and program execution make all the difference in the US.  The same holds for Europe, but how they do it can be very different.


These complexities cause many to avoid the trip.  Others seek our help.    We need to understand your business and growth agenda to effectively launch the right products, in the right sequence, with the right partners.  We need to understand your flexibility to adjust to EU’s nuances, some of which may appear frustrating to you but are familiar to us.  We need to understand your willingness to focus.  Most importantly, are you willing to trust our expertise and guidance.  If so, international opportunity abounds. 


While newer versions of the old products often face tepid responses here, these can be wildly exciting in Europe.  There is a hunger for what’s truly new and opportunity exists because common and unsexy in one market can be a game-changer in another.  Unless you know the difference, and how to manage the complexity of a foreign market, containers of unwanted inventory may be the end result.





Jade Wilson is Managing Director, Europe for Highlands.  He is a 44-year-old Scotsman who has resisted the temptation to leave God’s country and its beauty.  Having embarked on his sales career with Granada Television he progressed to selling cars for Ford and logistics services for TNT. The office channel came calling with 9 years at Corporate Express.  Starting as a business development manager, leading to sales management and European account management.  This was followed by a switch to OfficeTeam and then Integra as Head of Business Development.  In 2011 Jade joined The Business Performance Group as Sales Director which has led to leading the U.K and European business for Highlands.



Here’s what I see

August 28, 2017

Like everyone, my professional life is surrounded by emails, texts, meeting requests, tweets, blogs, newsletters, not to mention phone calls from robots, making travel plans, political solicitations, fundraisers, marketing flyers, market research, and Mom.  It’s truly hard to know what’s an important message or what’s not.  Even your refrigerator can send you information, so it’s easy to understand how important opportunities can get overlooked.  

The dealers I support go through the same challenges every day.  Compounding matters, they exist in a highly competitive marketplace from local and global players, online retailers, and others expanding into their space.   This is the backdrop, and why my dealers are looking to manufacturers and rep groups to bring an edge, something new and exciting that can generate growth.  

This means meetings - lots of meetings.  Unfortunately, rather than present new growth opportunities, most only offer newer versions of what they already have.  Dealers kindly sit through their 20th lunch and learn of the month, eat yet another turkey sandwich, and fully intend to “get back with them soon.”  Even presentations can taste like spam.

I take a different approach.

To me, relevant category insight and high-quality, innovative products are vital to selling a solution.  Add-in deep experience and an ability to relate to their challenges and the requirements of the end-user customer, and you now have their trust.  When I bring my satchel of information and solutions to a meeting, dealers know we’ll create many viable options that will move the needle.  As I see it, the solution had been there the whole time -- it’s just the formula had not yet been revealed.  By working collaboratively, we always find something the dealers’ salespeople can present that appears truly customized to them. 

Best yet, this approach makes people look forward to our meetings. Whether it’s purchasing, the sales manager, field reps, or the owner, all pay attention as they know I won’t waste their time with unimportant topics or opportunities.  That’s half the battle.  Part marketer, part salesperson, part scientist.  Consultative expertise coupled with great brands, an expansive product line, and marketing savvy can unearth fantastic opportunity.  And let’s face it, if my dealers are selling more and I helped them do that, I am proud, satisfied, and rewarded.

Laughter and lifelong friendships help too.  

Angie Tuerck
Account Manager

Highlands promotes Jade Wilson to Managing Director, Europe

August 8, 2017

Highlands, announces the promotion of Jade Wilson to Managing Director, Europe. He will have the primary responsibility for all business operations in Europe.

“Jade’s aptitude and contributions have been invaluable and he embodies so many of the wonderful traits of our company. His innovative thinking and vision will continue to enhance the strategic direction, growth, and profitability of Highlands in Europe” said Gordon Christiansen, partner at Highlands. Jade has been with Highlands for more than 6 years. Prior to his appointment, he led the sales team as Sales Director. In his new position, he will be responsible for leading all client programs in Europe maximizing their effectiveness through all reseller, retail and eCommerce partners. “I am delighted to take on this role for Highlands Europe,” says Jade.  “It is a great opportunity for me personally especially at this exciting time in the evolution of Highlands Europe.”

Highlands is the only multinational sales and marketing services agency supporting manufacturers and resellers in the B2B, B2C, and eTail marketplaces with custom product, sales, and marketing strategies. For over 55 years, Highlands has focused on engineering greater sales for its partners by providing the most effective and efficient brand advocacy programs, brand resources, and technologies for entire channels.

Today, Highlands serves its clients in the United States, Europe, and Canada.  Highlands is proud to combine the most effective and efficient multi-channel brand advocacy strategies with world-class tactics to ensure product sales are maximized throughout the supply chain and across the globe.



Suggestions for the Future

August 7, 2017

My last blog addressed the “At Work” elephant in the room - that much has changed and managing through this is brutally difficult.  Whether things calm down is unknown.  To me, these are Darwinian times where strength is not determined by size, but the ability to leverage deep expertise with extraordinary agility.  The following suggestions should help set the stage for evolutionary fitness.

  • Provide a well-thought consumer journey.  First, you must understand what, where, why, and how customers buy products.  Thankfully, it’s not hard to collect and analyze data to determine these drivers.  Then, leverage this insight into powerful programs that boost sales and margin.  The more you can help distributors succeed, the more you become invaluable to their broader success - and your volume.
  • Think Mobile First.  We all understand that catalog, in-store and online must be aligned so offerings are priced accurately, branded accurately, and easily purchased.  Many forget to customize their online presence to be smartphone and tablet-optimized.  According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, 26% of online purchases in 2017 will be done on a mobile device.  While online sales have grown by 95% over the last five years, sales from mobile devices have grown by a massive 362%!  If your site isn’t optimized for smartphones or tablets, you’re probably losing sales!
  • New products and new markets.  Smart companies make their products obsolete before their competitors do it for them.  Continue to innovate and expand on what sells, and ration what does not.  And look beyond your borders and traditional routes to market.  Changing buying patterns and technology gives you the opportunity to compete and address new audiences.   
  • Be Social.  Today’s younger workforce spends untold hours posting on snapchat, Instagram, you name it.  If your content is worthy and well-placed, it will be found and shared - all of which drives traffic to your site!
  • Consider in-store technologies.  NFC (Near Field Communications) and in-store digital helps drive online sales while shopping in-store.  Augmented Reality is the next big leap in human interaction with technology.  Explore how this might work for your business.

Those that have incorporated some or all of these recommendations are seeing positive results.  That said, integrating these new processes was not without fear.  Departing from the tried and true is uncomfortable.  It’s also required.  The key is a willingness to try, and to fail fast should they not deliver.  

To us, staying the course and waiting for positive results imperils your future as slow and lumbering only makes you a target for extinction.  

Bob O'Gara


Highlands Announces a Partnership with the MBM Corporation

July 31, 2017

Atlanta GA, July 31, 2017 - Highlands (in partnership with LS Logistics), has assumed the Sales and Distribution roles for IDEAL-MBM Corporation in the Canadian marketplace.  As well as consolidating MBM’s strengths in traditional markets this arrangement will launch the IDEAL.MBM brands into the office supplies industry in Canada, where currently they are not as well known.
MBM Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Destroyit® paper shredders, ideal paper shredders and air purifiers, Triumph™ paper cutters and trimmers, along with other state-of-the-art finishing equipment for the graphics and printing industries.  MBM is well known for superior quality, engineering innovation, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ned Ginsburg, President of MBM Corporation, states, “The relationship with Highlands in Canada is really exciting for us.  We have great customers already and know they will continue to be very well looked after.  Alongside this, the opportunity to expand into new markets and grow sales for our excellent product range is very appealing.”

“We are excited to represent the first manufacturer of the cross-cut shredder technology,” says Brendan Lane, President & GM of Highlands Canada.  “They are committed to growing their market share, and this allows Highlands to strengthen our presence with customers across Canada by uncovering new opportunities and increasing consumer connections; it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Highlands, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the only multinational sales and marketing services agency supporting manufacturers and resellers in the B2B, B2C, and eTail marketplaces with custom product, sales, and marketing strategies.  For over 55 years, Highlands has focused on engineering greater sales for its partners by providing the most effective and efficient brand advocacy programs, brand resources, and technologies for entire channels.

Today, Highlands serves its clients in the United States, Europe, and Canada.  Highlands is proud to combine the most effective and efficient multi-channel brand advocacy strategies with world-class tactics to ensure product sales are maximized throughout the supply chain and across the globe.

LS Logistics, of Ontario Canada, provides third party distribution to all Canadian customers, along with flexible options in warehousing, inventory management, as well as customer service. 
MBM Corporation’s parent company, Krug & Priester GmbH of Germany, is a global leader in the manufacturering of paper shredders, air purifiers and small format paper cutters.

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