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We are a 'rep group' but our business has grown beyond just that.  We are not like any other agency you know of.  Not only will we help you build a fully integrated strategic sales and marketing plan, but we will execute it for you, also.

With help from Highlands, clients have access to a wide range of services, from sales representation, e-Commerce management, strategic planning, digital and traditional marketing to selling into some of the world's largest and best distributors and retailers.

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Whether its design or production, digital or print, Highlands can help.  Our in-depth knowledge of e-commerce and catalog owners' requirements makes us experts in content creation too. We ensure your work is 'on brand', 'on time' and 'on budget'.
Let us develop and manage your strategic blueprint alongside you.  Our REPEAT methodology helps navigate the journey, deliver against expectations and ensures there's a process for continual improvement
Highlands has highly skilled and experienced sales people who will maximize the presence of your brand with key resellers and help grow your sales.

Supporting your brand to maximize sales.

Our team have trusted relationships with all the largest accounts means that Highlands can get your products listed quickly and build plans to accelerate sales.
Highlands brings you a trusted and personalized eCommerce strategy to complement your traditional routes to market, growing your digital presence and online sales.
Our great team ensures we deliver on our promises.  Full content management, content creation, re-purposing of collateral and driving promotional activity are just part of what our team helps with.


Highlands and Zep Inc. to Expand Their Relationship Into the Hospitality and Multifamily Channel

February 12, 2018

Founded in 1937, Zep Inc. is a chemical goods company, which focuses on high-performance cleaning products. Their products are sold through distribution partners, along with the DIY and DIFM retail channels, to both consumers and professionals.

 “Over the past five years, Highlands has become a trusted partner for ZEP working in the office channel.  We, at Zep, believe that extending the partnership to include the Hospitality and Multifamily channels makes our partnership with Highlands even stronger and more strategic,” says Seth Raley, SVP and GM, Distribution and Sales Support at Zep.

CEO at Highlands, Bob O’Gara, says, “Adding Zep to the portfolio of brands Highlands represents to the Hospitality and Multifamily channels is a significant milestone in the establishment of Highlands as the premier national sales and marketing agency in these channels.”


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Content Marketing Types

Content Marketing and It's Types

February 6, 2018

“Just do it!” - And we know, it is NIKE!

“You’re more beautiful than you think” -

This Dove commercial is a fantastic example of content marketing and has been one of Dove’s more popular videos to date. It was released in 2013, but consumers are still coming across it, and are loving it. 

As the name suggests, content marketing is about creating content around a product and attracting customers with it. It’s not direct marketing, as we don’t sell anything directly, rather we provide information about products and services. Customers that are engaged in this type of content will, typically, feel good. This is because the content is coming from a brand which makes the customer feel involved in the experience.

Content marketing starts with analyzing customer wants, creating a content strategy around the customer preferences, creating the content and, finally, publishing it. Content will vary depending on the platform used. Content marketing takes place online through blogs, videos, emails, info-graphics, web pages, eBooks, etc.

Like any marketing, it must have a purpose. Let us dig deeper and look at the various types of content marketing. 

1. Transaction Content: There may have been many instances where you read or saw something regarding a brand/product, and suddenly, you’re interested. That content which nudges you to make a purchase decision is called transaction content. The customer is attracted to take a leap from researching about the product to purchasing it.

For Example, consumers who come across content with embedded promos, such as: “50% off if you answer this simple question about XYZ Brand”, are likely to make that purchase. They answer, get a discount on product, and the brand wins a customer!

2. Branded Content: This is an entertaining way to approach the customers. Registering your brand without saying anything about it directly is known as branded content. The brand tells a story, entertains, and engages the customers. The customers easily remember and recall the name of your brand. Lego® has a film which has entertained millions of people and is a perfect example of branded content.

3. Social Content: Spreading information and educating your customer via social media is the way of marketing through social content. A video goes viral, a post is shared, a blog is read by many - all of these are ways of reaching your customers. Content will vary across various social media platforms. 

Now, you may wonder which is the best approach for your business. Well, it depends! It depends on your brand, product and the target customers. Sometimes, it may also depend on the platform being used. So, developing a content strategy is the first step. We will dive deeper into each aspect of content in our later blogs. Stay tuned!


OPMA Partners with Blippar, the Leading International Augmented Reality (AR) Specialists

February 5, 2018

In 2018, more than ever, businesses are using advanced tools, like AR, to boost success. With this ever-growing technology use, visual collaboration tools, such as augmented reality, have simplified processes that were previously more complex, and delivered more engaging user experiences. 

Mike Metchikoff, President at OPMA, says "Creating differentiation and getting more eyeballs on marketing collateral is an increasingly challenging task in a highly competitive landscape. OPMA recognizes the need to offer more intriguing and sophisticated solutions for clients and augmented reality will be at the forefront of our constantly evolving solution set.  We have experience working with Blippar subsidiary, Layar, and we are excited to utilize Blippar’s more robust technology platform to provide enhanced consumer experiences for our clients and their customers."

"Augmented reality can help visualize the features and quality of a product in a highly engaging way. This enhances and streamlines the sales and conversion process by equipping customers with everything they need to confidently purchase. Given OPMA's history of innovative marketing solutions for their clients, we are thrilled to partner with them to bring AR to the office products industry," adds Alana Kalin, Commercial Head US. 

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Highlands to Represent Clarke, a Nilfisk brand, in the Janitorial/Sanitary Markets within the US

January 29, 2018

“Nilfisk is extremely excited to enter this new relationship with Highlands.  This partnership will allow Nilfisk to expand its reach to a broader market, providing access to our industry leading cleaning products for customers in segments where we have not had a strong presence in the past.  Highlands has enjoyed tremendous success and has a strong focus on the office product and hospitality markets, two segments that Nilfisk is targeting for growth.  We are committed to providing customers access to our products through the channels that best suit their business needs. We are confident that the Nilfisk/Highlands partnership affords customers in the office product and hospitality markets a unique solution to meet their facility cleaning needs,” says Jeff Van Essen, Strategic Account Director at Nilfisk.

Perry Luperini, Business Development Director at Highlands, adds, “We are excited to announce that Highlands has been awarded the contract to become the exclusive national representatives of Clarke Equipment for the Office Products and Hospitality Channels as of January 1, 2018. Clarke, part of the Nilfisk family, the world’s largest manufacturer of cleaning equipment sold in over 100 countries, provides solutions based products and services that enable sustainable cleaning worldwide to improve quality of life. We look forward to working with Clarke as a primary vendor in this important new category for the years to come.”

For a century, Clarke’s desire has been to offer and be the leading brand of floor cleaners, for the commercial, industrial, retail, education, hospitality and DIY markets. Clarke’s core features that distinguish them from the competition:
- Comprehensive offer
- Tailor-made solutions
- Market knowledge
- Value analysis, Product development
- Product and service reliability
- Brand 

Another meaningful offering of Clarke’s is their leading industry innovation. In 1956, Clarke developed the first battery powered walk-behind scrubber, followed by the first drum sander for the rental market in 1959, and in 1968, Clarke created the first ever carpet extractor. 

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